Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hair Diaries: Window Shopping at Mofain

The past few weeks up to now is undeniably hot since summer is around the corner. So hot that it's hard to skip a shower anytime. How do you bear living in a tropical country with this heat? I ended up wearing light colored tank tops, rehydrate as often as needed and keep my hair up on a bun.

I'm guessing that most of my girl friends couldn't resist the tempting urge to have their long locks chopped off. And if you did, it can't be helped to be remorseful sometimes and not miss your hair since it's not something you could just grow in a heartbeat.

With all those upcoming weddings and other special occasions coming up, it's that perfect time to showcase a different hairdo! Some hair growth products might help but it probably won't catch up with the date.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Relaxation Time at Bacer Wellness Spa

The first few weeks of March came off as a surprise to me. I've been getting freelance projects from random friends and I'm enjoying every bit of it. Yes, it's a bit challenging at first. But that's how you learn! Stepping out of your comfort-zone will help you grow.

One of the most exciting freelance project that I'm handling right now is I'm rendering illustrations for a children's book for kids with Down Syndrome. It's very interesting and I can't wait for it to come out!

However, doing the illustrations means sitting long hours in front of the laptop. Sometimes sitting all day takes a toll on my body. There are instances that I've experienced spraining my hand and sharp back pains because I forget to take my breaks in between!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gindependence Day Summer 2016 Media Launch

Recently, I suddenly felt the urge to stay in our refrigerator and never come out. Just like that it was a sign that summer is officially around the corner. So how are you planning to spend yours?

Usually I'd spend mine out of town where I could enjoy the beach and catch up with my relatives during a drinking session. I prefer drinking beer but I'm always outnumbered by my younger cousins who love to drink their special GSM Blue mix among anything else. This was a surprise to me since I've always thought that gins aren't that appealing to the young since it is a bit cheap. Now when I attended the Gindependence Day Summer 2016 Launch, that's where I discovered that the possibilities of cocktail drinks that you could do with it are endless! I'll share some of those concoctions in just a bit, just read on!

So you might be wondering what is the Gindependence Day all about? This is a celebration held at URBN Timog to mark the brand's emancipation from the old and a welcoming of the new. As the market leader in the gin category, Ginebra San Miguel is paving the way for a new mix of gin culture in the Philippines. Standing on its success and popularity in the mass market, the GSMI Gin Brands now plan to reach even greater heights by catering to more premium groups. With a lineup of never-before done activities, GSMI Gin brands will connect with a wider audience and improve the gin experience as a whole.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Vitamin E: An Effortless Way To Maintain Your Youthful Glowing Skin

2016 is a year for all natural, we get all serious whenever we see another DIY video on YouTube to achieve a more natural makeup, hair- do, or even a fashion OOTD. Looking natural is the way to go, achieving this looks, makes you look younger and effortlessly beautiful. Gone are the days when you put on so much blush on and foundation to cover up your blemishes, this years, trend is all about, less is more. 

It’s the same issue for our skin, sometimes we get so addicted using so many products on our skin. In belief that it’ll make our skin more radiant and smooth, but that’s not always the case. Using less skin care products can be healthier for you, using a skin care product that will give you all the benefits that your skin really needs.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Eau Thermale Avene Introduces Hydrating Make-up Remover To Filipinas

It's a known fact, sleeping with your makeup on is an ultimate no-no! Cosmetic products exist to help women improve their facial features or cover imperfections. But while an average woman uses 12 different products everyday—which all in all contains about 170 ingredients according to a research by U.S. organization Skin Deep—their desire to look good might do more harm than good especially when proper skin regimen is not practiced.

This is the very reason why Eau Thermale Avène—the leading dermo-cosmetic brand in Europe—recently invited some of the country’s most prestigious beauty and wellness bloggers and members of the media at the Salon Beauvoir in Makati, City to educate them on how to properly care for their skin before, during and after applying make-up.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Winners of the Paradizoo: Power of Three Festival Giveaway!

Hey guys! I had a blog giveaway that has just ended and I'd like to thank everyone who participated!
Unfortunately, I could only pick two winners for this giveaway. If you didn't win, don't despair! There is plenty more to come! For the meantime, I'd like announce to the winners of the Paradizoo: Power of Three Festival Giveaway!



Anna E. 
For winning Two (2) Free Entrance Tickets to Paradizoo Power of Three Festival and two (2) Zoomanity Parks 50% Discount Coupons


Rain G.
For winning one (1) Free Entrance Ticket to Paradizoo's Power of Three Festival and one (1) Zoomanity Parks 50% Discount Coupons + one (1) Zoomanity Magic Mug and one (1) Zoocobia Baller

Winners kindly email me your full name, contact number and shipping address with the subject: "Paradizoo - Power of Three Festival Giveaway Winner" at kamilacinco (at)
Please respond within 24 hours or I will randomly choose another winner.

For the meantime, stay tuned for the next giveaway!

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