Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Contact Lens Review: Lenspop Bunny Color Brown

It's no secret, I don't like wearing glasses. I'm not one of those hot looking geeks or nerds that could pull off that "megane" look. Ever since I figured out how to wear contact lenses (probably five years ago) and I never turned back! Goodbye granny look!

If you're looking for a certain circle lens model that provides a subtle enhancement at the same time not being too flashy, read on as the Lenspop Bunny Color Brown might be the perfect pair for you!

This week I'm happy to receive this small parcel fresh from South Korea because I was kindly sponsored by the leading company of circle lens and cosmetic lens, Klenspop. The delivery was so fast that I wasn't expecting to get it anytime soon. I didn't even have my postal ID done yet! Lol. Thanks Klenspop!

L-R: Front and back packaging

I find it nice that they printed the contact lens manual on the back of the box. 
This would save you the trouble of looking for instructions on how to care for their contact lenses if you are totally new to this.

Inside the box: contact lens case, lens tweezers and vials of the circle lens.

LENSPOP Bunny Color Brown

Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 14 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%
Lifespan: 1 year
Prescription / Power: Plano to -10.00

I'm glad they have this with my prescription since some online shops don't even sell graded lenses.


Here's what they look like when worn:

Natural Light

Indoor Light

With flash

Front and back design

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Here's what I think about the Bunny Color Brown. The design of these aren't too harsh and would blend well on dark eyes. These are natural looking brown lenses with a design that is a little bit similar to GEO Grang Grang Brown except these are leaning more on an orangish brown shade. Both of which I find great on everyone with or without makeup due to the small diameter and the soft dark brown limbal ring.


Rating: 3/5 stars

For the color, it gives an ample amount of color change even on the darkest irises. Not too vibrant but not too dull as well. Anyway, I brought along my other brown circle lenses for comparison. Notice that it's more of an orangey brown compared to the yellowish brown hue of my Crystal Peridot Brown and chocolatey brown Crystal Garnet Brown.


Rating: 2.5/5 stars

As for the enlarging effect of this lens, I can't say much. But it doesn't do a bad job either for a regular-sized lens since it does have a thin limbal ring and the print is extended to the edge of the lens. 


Rating: 5/5 stars

I remembered I once ordered a pair at Multiply *cough*AigooShoppe*cough* that was so irritable to the eye that I had no choice but to dispose of them. Thank God this is NOT one of those lens! For three consecutive days, I have worn this for long long hours at school. I'm happy that there is no discomfort so far. Like my previous lenses these are soft and I don't find them too thick. In fact I didn't even remember putting eyedrops on this week as it doesn't dry out my eyes at all.


Personally, I love these. I'd wear this for days that I don't want to looked too dolled up or made up. I could imagine myself wearing different makeup looks with this and still pull it off (unlike my green lenses). If you want something that looks natural and provide decent color change, I say go for it!

For more affordable Korean contact lens like this you better check out Klenspop's online shop at http://klenspop.com/en/ where they have more pretty designs, different brands and sweet deals / discounts! I even saw some toric lenses and another circle lens that looks like a sparkly diamond. Very very lovely.

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hair Diaries: Basic Hair Extensions Guide

Summer 2014 is hot as ever! Could you imagine not even going out of the shower and you're already sweating??
 It's crazy! I know a lot of ladies here already chopped off their long luscious locks this season.
Even I am really really tempted pick up that pair of scissors and take off a few chunks of my vavavoom curls as well.

What's stopping me? Other than short hair doesn't really suit my face shape it's also my "security blanket." I use my thick mane to cover up if I have too much cleavage going on or didn't shave (okay TMI).
However, I'm pretty sure that I'd chop them off soon at some point when I'd get tired of this hairstyle.

But for those who already did, have you ever regretted it or at least wished your hair was longer or thicker for that special occasion? It may be your own birthday celebration, a wedding of a friend or a corporate party that you want to dress to impress more than the usual. But much to your dismay, your hair has not grown long or thick enough to be heat-styled, colored, permed, straightened or trimmed the way you wanted to.

Ever want to experiment with different hairstyles? The solution is not waiting for several months to grow your hair! The easiest way to have longer, fuller hair is to get human hair extensions. Trust me, I'm no stranger to hair extensions as I have tried a lot of them in the past. Sometimes even clip-on bangs when I get too wild with the scissors.

Sharing with you is a complete guide that I got from Flaired Hair Extensions on how to finally have that longer, fuller hair. For those of you considering getting hair extensions, here are some helpful tips that could help you decide which to get!

1. Choose your hair

There are three types of hair used for hair extensions: synthetic hair, animal hair, and human hair.

Synthetic hair is made of colored plastic strands which make for good wigs. Only certain types of synthetic hair can only withstand a certain heat before it burns out. Personally I have tried this and this one tends to matt easily if not properly maintained.

Animal hair is much coarser and thicker than human hair so it is not advisable to use for finer or thinner hair (also, it’s quite icky!) 

The best hair type is of course human hair especially if you want a natural look or a seamless blend between your hair and the extensions. Human hair allows you to treat the extensions like you own – you can heat style, color, perm, straighten or trim it to your taste.

2. Choose your hair extensions attachment

You can braid, glue, sew, press and clip hair extensions to your hair or scalp in order for it to stay. One of the common ways to attach hair extensions is via snipping in micro-rings with hair strands, however, it can be uncomfortable as you have to adjust the way you wash and brush your hair. 

One of the easiest and fastest attachment method is via one piece clip-on hair extensions. It allows you to quickly wear or remove hair extensions in a snap and by yourself, without need of extra tools. What differentiates “one piece” from multi-piece clip-ons is that you don’t need to put too many clips on your scalp – just one piece gives you a full head look.

3. Choose your hair extensions thickness

Once you have chosen to buy hair extensions, you may be faced with two choices – double drawn or single drawn hair extensions? Single drawn hair extensions typically have a V-shaped quality because most of the hair strands do not reach their prescribed length. For example, if you order 20 inches of hair extensions, only about 10% of those strands actually reach 20 inches and the rest are much shorter. On the other hand, double drawn hair undergoes a second process of selection where shorter hairs are removed by hand so that it has a solid length from root to tip.

That’s the basic information you need before getting your own hair extensions! Once you know these about hair types, attachment types and the difference between single and double drawn hair, you will be more apt to inquire with your provider on what products best fit your fashion and lifestyle.

Hair extensions are how celebrities and models can afford to have their natural short ‘do one day and glamorous longer locks the next. It’s no longer a secret that hair extensions make for a great beauty enhancer. Be sure to keep this guide on hand the moment you decide to avail of your own hair extensions!

For more information about Flaired Hair Extensions, you may visit their Facebook page via http://fb.com/flairedhairextensions or follow them on Instagram via @flairedhairextensions.
With only PHP 3500, you can already have your 20 inches of full head, double drawn human hair extensions for longer, fuller hair just like your own.


About Flaired Hair Extensions:
Flaired Hair Extensions is a Filipino brand of hair extensions that offer human hair in one-piece clip-on format, which makes getting longer and fuller hair easier. Our products include human hair extensions (PHP 3,500 for 20 inches and PHP4,500 for 26 inches, free shipping) and human hair bangs (PHP1,000, free shipping). Some of our celebrity clients are Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes and Kim Chiu. Flaired has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and the ABS-CBN News Channel.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Press Release: The First Ever Philippines Zomato Restaurant Summit 2015

Bringing Restaurants to the Digital Age

The Internet has revolutionized our way of life by making access to information easier.
Now, every bit of information is literally just a click away. With the internet being an integral part of our everyday life, consumers increasingly go online to research for options before making decisions, like deciding where to eat.

With this fact in mind, food businesses are now taking advantage of what the web can do for them. Today, the food industry is investing time and effort in creating and sustaining their digital visibility to promote their services and goods online. And because these avenues have wider reach, promotion has never been easier, faster, and more effective.

According to Zomato, an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service, having websites and social media accounts allows restaurants to create more buzz in the online space. 

“If you are visible online, especially on Zomato, the searcher will eventually find you, out of a great number of restaurants within an area,” says Anton Ojeda, Zomato Philippines country manager. “By the time you’re shortlisted, it will just depend on the food preference of the searcher to choose you.”

Being visible in the digital space is like hitting two birds with one stone for the food industry. Ojeda adds that having digital presence does not only promote a brand, it also opens the communication line between restaurants and their patrons. “Being present in the digital space is not just about letting people know about your brand. It is about reaching out to them,” Ojeda said. 

Through comments and feedbacks, restaurants are informed of how consumers find their services and food. Today, because of social media, consumers can freely say what they think about a particular restaurant, both positive and negative. Zomato found out that reviews by food bloggers as well as everyday diners play an important part when picking out a place to eat. “Filipinos have the habit of researching about a restaurant before actually eating there, and they rely on reviews they find in the Internet,” states Ojeda. 

On the other hand, consumers can also give negative feedback through social media, which, as Ojeda says, restaurants take seriously. “In Zomato, restaurant owners can reply to bad reviews,” shares Ojeda. “You’d be surprised how seriously they take these reviews and how quickly they would take actions to address them. And even those with a lot of good reviews would reassess their operations after just one negative feedback from a user.”

Generally, having digital visibility plays an important part in the success of the food industry. It can either make or break the business. One just really needs to be wise enough to take advantage of its benefits, and use any negativity as a catalyst to make the venture grow. 

Building a restaurant’s online presence and promoting brands in the digital age will be one of the topics in the first local Zomato Restaurant Summit to be held on May 19. The event, which has the theme Conquering the Digital Age, will bring together restaurateurs and foodies to talk about how restaurants can level up their games in the digital stage. Other topics include the evolution of Philippine restaurants and food tourism. For more information about the Summit, visit https://www.facebook.com/ZomatoSummit.


About Zomato

Zomato (http://www.zomato.com/) is an online and mobile restaurant search and discovery service, providing in-depth information for over one million restaurants across 22 countries. Zomato's core content features include menus, photos, and geocoded coordinates for restaurants. It currently serves over 80 million monthly visitors globally.

Zomato was founded in 2008 by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. The company is present in over 100 cities across India, the UK, Ireland, Canada, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Turkey, Indonesia, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and Qatar. Zomato recently acquired Urbanspoon, marking its entry into the United States and Australia. 

Media Contact:

Shayne Gualin
Media Relations, TeamAsia
0917 881 3722

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Because I Am A Girl: A Global Social Movement

As a woman, I always believed we deserve the same rights as men.
I held firmly on this idea when I watched a short clip of The Impossible Dream on my Soc Sci 3 class.
Growing up, I hated being told that "You're not ready to marry a man yet because you don't know how to cook."
AS IF it's every woman's end goal to get married, right?

BEFORE you judge me as a "feminazi" or something. Being a feminist isn't about hating men. It's about wanting gender equality. Where you could feel free walking in the streets not worrying about your safety and the like. That kind of freedom. What do I mean?

Lately, It makes me cringe seeing a lot of horrible things in the news on how women are treated inhumanely like the 2012 Delhi gang rape / ISIS' traumatic attacks against Yezidi women and children have I really realized that there is an urgent need to empower girls of all ages to be educated so that they know how to fight back from their oppressors.
One my main motivations in doing my thesis research.

Because of this, I decided to join Plan International's Media Briefing held last March 26 at Il Ponticello Cafe Ristorante, Makati City. So that I could learn more about their Because I Am A Girl Campaign.

During the intimate luncheon, I got to meet a lot of wonderful open-minded women who shares the same beliefs towards gender equality and the like. Beside me is Girl Declaration Project Advocate - Lindsay Mercado and Campaigns Coordinator of Plan International-Philippines - Paulene Santos.

As a part of its commemoration of Women's Month, Plan International shared its 2014 report on the State of the World's Girls. Paulene Santos shared some startling facts about the pervasive issues that girls around the world continue to face every day; namely, the lack of access to quality education, child marriage, early pregnancy, violence, sexual abuse, and gender discrimination.

Some of the facts discussed included the following:
  • 65 million girls across the world are out of school
  • Globally, 1 in 5 girls of lower secondary school age is out of school
  • Girls' primary school completion rates are below 50 percent in most poor countries
  • Every year, 10 million girls are forced or coerced into marriage
  • Every 3 seconds, another girl is forced or coerced to marry.
  • 1 in every 3 girls in the developing world is married by the age of 18.
  • 1 in 7 marries before they reach the age of 15.
  • 150 million girls, and 73 million boys, under 18 have experienced rape or other forms of sexual violence.
  • The leading cause of death for young women age 15-19 in developing countries is pregnancy.

The critical role of men and boys in the process of achieving gender equality was also made clear. "Bringing about change means men and women from across the social spectrum must challenge collective power than can bring about transformative change touching on all the institutions that surround girls - the social, the economic, and the politico-legal.

The issues that girls here in the Philippines face were also discussed, as Plan International-Philippines shared its data indicating that girls drop out of school for several reasons ranging from poor quality of education, poverty and child labor to socio-cultural norms and high rates of teenage pregnancy. Human trafficking was shown to be a very real problem in the country as well, especially in times of emergencies when women and adolescent girls are more susceptible to being victimized.

Plan went on to share some of its current initiatives which are aimed at addressing these issues in support of its Because I Am A Girl campaign. One of which is recently launched Girl Declaration Project that Michelle Caindec, Plan International-Philippines' Child and Youth Advocacy Coordinator, explained will allow for a youth-led advocacy to influence the government in including girls' rights as an integral part of its sustainable development goals.

Want to know more about Because I Am A Girl?
Check out their FB page at http://facebook.com/bcimagirlPH

For further information, please contact:
 Paulene Santos - Plan International Campaigns Coordinator
Email: paulene.santos(at)plan-international.org
Telephone Number: 810-0033

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Speak Out! Be Heard!

Hello guys! I'm not sure how much people this blog post would actually reach but here it goes...
As you all know I made a thesis research last semester on how to combat sexual harassment using visual communication. Again, I'm very thankful to everyone who participated and shared my online survey.

Photo credits to mariellahunt,com

Now and more dedicated than ever, I'm planning to start an advocacy campaign that will empower people who have experienced sexual harassment / objectification to speak out and report their harassers. Do you want to set your inspiring story free? I need more people who are willing to join this video shoot and share their story. If you're interested, please do send me a message here or at kamilacinco(at)yahoo.com

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Goddess For A Day: Bellydancing with Jill Ngo at Footworks Dance Studio

A few years ago, Bellydance and Yoga was something that I always wanted to take up for my PE class.
Our university offers a lot of PE classes that most people I know were surprised that I even took up Scuba Diving when I was in 2nd year.

However, I didn't get the opportunity to learn both because:
1.) EVERYONE in UP is required to have 8 units of PE in their curriculum, you have a tiny chance of securing a slot during pre-enlistments / prerogs unless you're a freshman or graduating student.
2.) I've been warned that I would have a hard time passing those classes as you need to be very flexible and dedicated in order to get a good grade. Plus, most of the classes didn't fit my schedule.

Fortunately, my prayers were heard as I got invited to a special bellydancing class for bloggers last March 22.

Want to know you could easily transform your awkward rigid body into a "seemingly" looking belly dancing goddess in an hour?


I'll let you in on a secret... Behold!

I got my first hand experience at Footworks Dance Studio located at the 4th floor of Elescom Building 213 Barangay Milagrosa, Katipunan Ave, Quezon City (near Katips Bar and Grillery) where they taught the basics of belly dancing like the moving around with the proper posture, breathing exercises and which parts of the body should remain static are to name a few.

Aside from Bellydancing, they also offer Zumba, Breakdance, Hiphop, Pole and Aerial (Silk / Hoops) dance classes. I'm planning to try out pole dancing in the future as I've heard that it does wonders to the core area.

The new studio is well-lit and very spacious, you could do lots of cartwheels without even bumping into anyone. It was easy to concentrate on the class as it wasn't hot even on an afternoon since they have the place air conditioned and something to shield the sun's rays.

Our teacher for the day is the very skilled premiere bellydancer Jill Ngo.
If her name sounds familiar, you've probably seen her perform as she has been mastering the craft of dancing for 20 years. What I do love about her is her quirky outgoing personality that spreads a positive energy throughout the class. She makes you feel comfortable as if there's nothing to be shy about because of her inspiring words.

As I've vaguely recalled she mentioned something in the lines of
"Bellydancing is the art of being in control of your body. Knowing you have full control of your body, that's something to be confident about."

Jill is the producer and artistic director of the biggest gathering of belly dancers in the Philippines - Bellyfest - held annually. She is also the founder and mentor of the Goddess of Bellydance, an award-winning professional belly dance troupe. Aside from spreading the love of belly dance, she is also a certified Zumba and Pilates Instructor. Jill is also certified with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and Rebook's JUKARI.

In the Philippines, she has choreographed for Regine Tolentino, Princess Ryan, Maja Salvador, Nikki Gil, Shaina Magdayao, Daiana Menezes, Andrea del Rosario and on shows for ABS-CBN and GMA 7.

I won't be uploading a video of me dancing anytime soon. So instead, here's a photo to make up for it. Hehehe

Here's a quick video on what specific dance moves we've been taught for that day.

Accompanying Jill Ngo were some of the members of the Goddesses of Bellydance: Faye, Bianca and Lexi. The Goddesses of Bellydance is the largest and most in-demand professional bellydance group in the Philippines. The GOB have appeared in TV shows such as Eat Bulaga, ASAP, Pilipinas Win na Win, Showtime, and Wowowee. This fast-rising bellydance troupe undergoes diligent training made manifest by their synchronicity, versatility, and elegance as they move to the beat of each belly dance music.

We were also delighted to have enjoyed a glimpse of their beautiful dance moves because it's not everyday that get to witness an award winning belly dance group perform for you.

Considering taking up dance classes for a more productive summer break?
Jill Ngo is offering her bellydance classes every Monday 7pm.
The walk-in rate for her class is P350. Feel free to contact her at 09176247534.

For more inquiries you may also check out Footworks Dance Studio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Footworksdancestudio
Instagram: http://instagram.com/footworks_dancestudio
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Footworks_dance


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