Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TREE TOP ADVENTURE BAGUIO: Experience the Extreme Press Conference and Tour

As the City of Pines welcomes the summer season, Tree Top Adventure will hold a press conference and media tour on March 14, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Tree Top Adventure Baguio Camp John Hay, Baguio City. The press conference aims to inform the public that if they want to experience the extreme, they might want to try out the activities at Tree Top Adventure.

Tree Top Adventure offers four unique outdoor activities divided into slow and fast paced activities. One slow paced activity is the Canopy and Funicular which is similar to the concept of a cable car, but, you’ll be seated on cable chairs in which you’ll be transferring from one station to another until you complete all eight stations. If you prefer to just walk around the area and fill your eyes with spectacular view, you could avail the Trekking and Skywalk. For the fast paced activities, Tree Top offers the Tree Drop, Silver Surfer and Superman. 

Tree Drop is the most extreme activity that Tree Top offers in which you’ll be suspended 60 feet above the ground, mission impossible style, and you’ll be falling as fast as two to three seconds. Superman, as the name implies, is a horizontal motorized zipline in which you’ll be flying back and forth, Superman style. Silver Surfer is a diagonal zipline in which you’ll be standing on a specialized platform and you’ll be gliding up and down for three cycles.
Tree Top Adventure’s another branch, located at JEST Area Upper Mau Cubi Point, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, will also hold another press conference and ribbon cutting event on March 21, 2015 after the success of its first press conference held last February 21, 2015.

Whether you want to feel the breeze, slow down, be inspired with the view or experience heart pounding, adrenaline rush quenching activities, Tree Top Adventure has it all. 

For more information, you could contact 09166299381. 
You could also visit their website www.treetopadventureph.com.
To be more updated, you could like their Facebook page www.facebook.com/treetopadventurecamp and follow them on Instagram @tree_top_adventure and Twitter @TreeTopPH.

Monday, February 23, 2015

My #PerksofaBella Experience at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

 One thing I haven't really shared on this blog is what prompted me to try out the Belle de Jour Power Planner.
Here's the thing, this planner has awesome coupons inside!

I won't divulge what coupons you could find in this year's BDJ Planner so that you could check it out personally if it really is worth buying... which I'm sure it is! If you know me personally you'll know how much friends I successfully talked into getting a BDJ Planner and I've never encountered a friend that regretted buying one!

One of those coupons that you could avail of is this one from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
Get this, buy two tea lattes of any flavor and get one free tea latte of equal size or value.

 Chilling with my highschool friends: Maxine, Sara and Lin.

I got a large cup of Moroccan Mint, my personal favorite next to Double Vanilla.

 This was also great deal for me when I need a place with wifi and electricity to cram my thesis!

Inclusive with the coupons is this BDJ Lifestyle Card which you could also use for free upgrade on any drinks!

Want the same perks? Grab your own BDJ Power Planner now at any Fully Booked branch (where I got mine)
or at their website http://ilovebdj.com/shop/

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winners of the Paradizoo: Power of Three Giveaway

Hey guys! I had a blog giveaway that ended a few days ago and I'd like to thank everyone who participated!
Unfortunately, I could only pick four winners for this giveaway so don't worry if you didn't win! There's more to come! For the meantime, I'd like announce to the winners of the Paradizoo: Power of Three giveaway!


Elvin N. 
For winning two (2) free entrance tickets to Paradizoo: Power of Three 2015 + two (2) free ride inside any Zoomanity park + 50% off all on entrance in all Zoomanity parks + two (2) 15% discount coupon for eat-all-you-can buffet and drinks at Yakimix

John P.
For winning two (2) free entrance tickets to Paradizoo: Power of Three 2015 + two (2) free ride inside any Zoomanity park + 50% off all on entrance in all Zoomanity parks + two (2) 15% discount coupon for eat-all-you-can buffet and drinks at Yakimix

Kate M.
For winning two (2) free entrance tickets to Paradizoo: Power of Three 2015 + two (2) free ride inside any Zoomanity park + 50% off all on entrance in all Zoomanity parks + two (2) 15% discount coupon for eat-all-you-can buffet and drinks at Yakimix


Kerwin A.
For winning two (2) free entrance tickets to Paradizoo: Power of Three 2015 + two (2) free ride inside any Zoomanity park + 50% off all on entrance in all Zoomanity parks

Winners kindly email me your full name and contact details with the subject: "Paradizoo Giveaway Winner" at kamilacinco (at) yahoo.com. Please respond within 24 hours or I will randomly choose another winner.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zomato Foodie Meetup at Dairy Queen Gateway

Last weekend I had an appointment with my dentist and it sucks big time because I can't munch on any hard candies at all! Luckilyyyyy, my sugary cravings was fulfilled as I was invited by Elaine to a Dairy Queen nearby!
It was timely because a hot girl like me needs to cool down for a while. Just kidding!

Dairy Queen may have evolved from being just a frozen treat kiosk to a world-class brand, but it will always be the place for everyone to take time out to enjoy the best soft-serve treats. There I finally got to try out their Ice Cream Cakes and their newest Blizzard of the Month!


From L-R: Oreo Blizzard Ice Cream Cake and Strawberry Kitkat Blizzard Ice Cream Cake both reasonably priced at P749 each. Not bad as these are 8 inches big.

 Strawberry Kitkat Blizzard Ice Cream Cake (P749)
For me, this one tastes like a combination of Chocolate cake smothered in sweet Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream topped with Chocolate Kitkats, pink icing and candy sprinkles.

 Oreo Blizzard Ice Cream Cake (P749)
It was just like the Strawberry Kitkat Blizzard Ice Cream Cake but instead of the Strawberry for the top layer, this one had Cookies N' Cream Ice Cream. I've also noticed that this one had a little more texture than the Kitkat Ice Cream Cake because the middle layer was made of crunchy melts-in-your-mouth Chocolate bits. The whole thing looks really cute as it was topped with pink and white icing along with soft Oreo cookies.


 Every month DQ comes up with new flavors for their Blizzards which they call "Blizzard of the Month." Blizzards are basically your soft-serve ice cream blended with mix-in ingredients such as sundae toppings and or pieces of cookies, brownies, or candy. The soft-serve ice cream is so rich and thick that they'll serve it to you upside down! For this month their Blizzard of the Month is the famous Italian wafer, the Loacker.

I didn't know until now that it was pronounced as "lo-wah-ker" not "low-ker."
I guess you learn new things everyday!

Just like their regular Blizzards these comes in four sizes:
Mini (P59), Regular (P79), Medium (P99) and Large (P119).

Available in three different flavors, here's what the Loacker Blizzard looks like...

Strawberry Loacker Blizzard

Chocolate Loacker Blizzard

Vanilla Loacker Blizzard

My verdict? Of all the three I personally recommend the Vanilla Loacker Blizzard because it highlights the lovely hazelnut flavor of the Loacker thus you'll appreciate it more because the flavors compliment each other. My second choice would be the Strawberry Loacker Blizzard because of the texture of the strawberry and then the Chocolate Loacker Blizzard. I don't know if it's just me, but I find the Chocolate Loacker Blizzard a little bit overwhelming for my taste. If you're a chocoholic whose into an overload of chocolate maybe you'll like that. 

 Another thing that I like it the texture of the Loacker in the ice cream. It is just right and isn't too hard, imagine the texture of most cookies and cream ice cream... that soft.


A DQ Classic! Soft serve with a delicious coating of melts in your mouth chocolate.
I also got to bring home a box of Dilly Bars for the family! My first encounter with this was way way back at a UP Fair. People would really line up for these things and most of the time it got sold out along with my favorite the DQ Sandwich!

With fellow bloggers posing with DQ Endorsers Bianca Guidotti, Yvethe Santiago and MJ Lastimosa. Lol

For more information on their delightful frozen treats, follow them on their social media accounts:
Shameless plug:
If you also have a Zomato account like me, let's follow each other on Zomato!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Residence Inn Tagaytay + Giveaway!

Have you ever been to a zoo that let's you get THIS close to their animals?

Growing up, I love watching Animal Planet and reading encyclopedias about different animals.
Call me a nerd or whatever you like but there's always a random trivia out there about animals that I would always find fascinating. Believe it or not, I could recall vague memories of me trying to memorize scientific names of them. Ugh.
No wonder I don't have a lot friends. Just kidding!

Fast forward to 2015: I still love animals and I am still a nerd..
However, I forgot every scientific name I ever tried to memorize. Lol

Last weekend I finally went to Tagaytay and visited Paradizoo and Residence Inn. 
Residence Inn is one of Zoomanity Group's themeparks famous for its Mini Zoo and excellent location overlooking Taal Lake. If you are on a budget and you're looking for a place away from the noisy city, this is the perfect place to go!

Entrance Fee Rates:
Adult --- P249
Kid (3 ft to 4 ft) --- P199
Kid (Below 3 ft) --- Free
Senior Citizen --- 20% Discount

Complete with maps and signs so you wouldn't get lost as the place is huge and open for future expansions.

Here's just a glimpse of some of the marvelous creatures that you could encounter inside Residence Inn!
I didn't include everything here as it would take you forever to load this page.


From L-R: White Tilapia, Flowerhorn, White Catfish and Shubunkin inside the Serpentarium Aquarium

Either this Pacu is really huge or I just have puny hands! Here's my hand for scale!


I really think this Asian Box Turtle right here is fully aware that I was stalking him.
He was following me the whole time I was taking his picture. Very cute!


Here's a not so sexy photo of me with an Albino Burmese Python taken at the Animal Encounter.
Don't be deceived on how I make it seem easy to pose with this surprisingly heavy guy!

From L-R: Bearded Dragon, Burmese Python, Albino Burmese Python and Blue Tongue Skink inside the Serpentarium Aquarium

There were also some well camouflaged Caiman Crocodiles in the Zoo Grounds.

The extreme close up shot I posted above was the scales of this relaxed Iguana.
Either he's just sleepy or doesn't seem to mind that I was there. I'm guessing both.


***Note: Readers with Arachnophobia might want to look away***

Most of the arthropods you'll get to see there are spiders. Mexican Fireleg, Mexican Red Rump, Chilean Rose Tarantula, Chaco Golden Knee, Mexican Red Knee, Brazilian Black and White Tarantula and Mexican Pink are to name a few.

From L-R: Brown Tarantula (??), Mexican Fireleg, Chaco Golden Knee and Mexican Pink

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. These are wingless cockroaches that you usually see being eaten at Fear Factor. I got to hold one of these during the HCP Annual Pet Fair with Rattus and apparently they aren't as repulsive as your typical American or German Cockroaches. Still wouldn't eat them though.


The Umbrella Cockatoo was one of my favorite creatures there. The cockatoo was very wise as this one was plotting its escape plan during the photo-ops! As for the owl below, I couldn't recall if this intimidating fellow is a Philippine Eagle Owl though.

 It was my first time to see a Cassowary in person! They are as beautiful as I could imagine from the books!


Chelle, Axel and I also got to pet and feed a young Bengal Tiger at the Animal Encounter.
This is optional but they will charge an additional P50 for a photo with the Tiger.

From L-R: Arabian Camel, Long Tailed Macaque and African Female Lion (Lioness)

The African Lioness was adorable! I wish I caught her rolling around on video!

This is also optional but you could take a ride on their ponies inside the zoo grounds for a minimum fee.

These fluffy rabbits were also for sale. The juvenile costs P300 per pair while the breeder costs P1,600 per pair.

Surrounding us was this breathtaking view overlooking Taal Lake.
I have yet to stitch and upload a better panoramic shot of this.

 What perfect way to savor the view? A zipline ride with your significant other or a cable car ride with the family! I tried both, the cable car was okay. The zipline on the other hand kept my heart pounding!
And to think I don't have any fear of heights!

In front of Residence Inn you will see a small playground and biking area situated in the center of a round green field. Perfect for the little kids!

If you're just like me, someone who wants a fun learning experience and a quick escape from the city.. you'll surely enjoy your visit in Residence Inn Tagaytay!

Want to try out Zoomanity's other theme parks? Guess what? I'll be giving away tickets to the most anticipated annual festivities in the field of agriculture as Paradizoo re-unfold "Power of Three"! 
This is perfect if you don't have anything planned for Valentines Day yet!

For those who can't join my giveaway, you could always visit their website at www.zoomanity.com for details of get in touch by calling them at 899-98-28 or 08.
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