Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Contact Lens Review: K2015 Gray (JS)

Most of the time, I find myself more attracted to colored contact lenses with interesting patterns. I love the ones that are so "out there." Especially the ones that provide either a very drastic color change or a very noticeable enlargement to the irises. I think if you're gonna drop the glasses and stick something foreign into your eyes, at least make it different from your regular look. Right?

When I first saw the K2015 Gray (JS) online at Klenspop, my first impression of it was it's just another grey lens that wouldn't do much. But when I got these last month, I was a bit surprised. Compared to the photos on the site, they look a bit different in person. They're mesmerizing when worn, especially outdoors!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Beauty Feature: Blushing Beauty Opens at SM Mall of Asia

When we think about aesthetic clinics, the first thing that comes to mind is they're there for people who wants to look more young or fresh than they were. What we're forgetting is even the young millenials now are just as obsessed about their appearance themselves. Especially now with Facebook Live and Snapchat being the new in thing, it's hard not to look selfie-ready since you'll never know when the cameras come pointing at you!

The interesting discovery I had last weekend was this new pretty cute skin care clinic that caters best for the young image-conscious millenials out there. I ended up there because I got invited by Ms. Abi to their Grand Opening at SM Mall of Asia. This finding was very timely since my skin is starting to look terrible again from all that lack of sleep and the amount of stress that I got the past few weeks.

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