Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Beauty Feature: Blushing Beauty Opens at SM Mall of Asia

When we think about aesthetic clinics, the first thing that comes to mind is they're there for people who wants to look more young or fresh than they were. What we're forgetting is even the young millenials now are just as obsessed about their appearance themselves. Especially now with Facebook Live and Snapchat being the new in thing, it's hard not to look selfie-ready since you'll never know when the cameras come pointing at you!

The interesting discovery I had last weekend was this new pretty cute skin care clinic that caters best for the young image-conscious millenials out there. I ended up there because I got invited by Ms. Abi to their Grand Opening at SM Mall of Asia. This finding was very timely since my skin is starting to look terrible again from all that lack of sleep and the amount of stress that I got the past few weeks.

After the ribbon cutting...

Along with us in no particular order are special guests: Julian Flores (Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 4), Aya Fernandez (2015 Miss Teen Earth), Lindsay de Vera (GMA7 Actress) and Ferica Medina (Thomasian Youth Ambassadress)

Blushing Beauty by SkinStation is a new skin care clinic that offers luxurious yet affordable services, innovative products that is developed for the young, value conscious millenials. Blushing Beauty is a fitting follow-up to their highly successful sister company SkinStation, now with 30 branches nationwide.

Another thing I've noticed is their lovely professionally designed interior that looks so "Instagrammable" thanks to Manila's sought after Interior Design Firm, Heim Interiors. Yes, even their comfort room looks so pretty. I instantly regretted not being able to take more selfies there... Lol.

What excites me the most is Blushing Beauty carries a wide variety of fun, trendy, and innovative skin care and cosmetics line. I find their products very interesting and I don't even know where to start! I personally tried some of their skin care / cosmetics line and they are more than amazing!

The official pricelist for their products... for my future reference. Hehe

Underarm Care

Micellar Toners

Beauty Bars


Facial Care

Their Aqua White BB Cream and UV Active / UV Baby Water-Burst Sunscreen are all a total must-haves for people with combination to oily skin like me! Picture this, imagine massaging your daily cream that releases water droplets that gives off a refreshing cooling sensation that feels so light and non-sticky. Another thing I also love is there are no whitish cast that most BB creams and sunscreens usually leave behind.

We know rocking the matte liquid lipstick is the trendiest thing in the beauty world. But wearing mattes do tend to dry out my lips. And that's not trendy. For my "off days", I'd like to give my lips a break. But since I'm anemic, I can't expose my bare lips without people thinking I'm a zombie.

Another amazing product that I got from their store is the popular Lick My Lips Color-Changing Lip Balm. I've seen a lot of good reviews about this from the Sample Room and I could clearly see why.

It has what I look for in a lip product: something that is moisturizing and leaves a wearable color. If Maybelline Baby Lips Glow and Carmex were to have a baby, this would be it! This moisturizing lip balm looks really clear on the pot but instantly changes into a shiny subtle pink color when applied to the lips. Yes, like magic! I'll be wearing this for quite some time, so it also helps that it smells like strawberries. I can't even imagine putting something under the nose that smells bad. That's exactly why I ditched my lemon dishwashing detergent smelling Nyx Round Lipstick before. Lol

So what's the secret to their great products? All of their products are engineered with the latest international formulations that are professionally formulated by multi-awarded chemist, SkinStation and Blushing Beauty founder, Mr. Fred C. Reyes. He received the 2008 Achievement Award and 2011 Outstanding Professional Award in Chemistry. Strengthened by the science of nano-encapsulation to enhance efficacy and optimal absorption. If you're also curious about their other products, they are available at all Blushing Beauty and SkinStation branches nationwide.

A random realization that I had when celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago was that aging is inevitable but that doesn't mean that we should let go of ourselves. Stop treating yourself like an after thought. Our body is a fine tuned machine that deserves no less, take care of it while it's not too late.

Blushing Beauty by Skinstation




  1. Lovely photos. This looks like it was a fun event!

    xo Azu

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