Monday, September 30, 2013

BDJ Box Beauty Social: Primp and Prettify

This is the 2nd BDJ Box Beauty Social for this year! Primp and Prettify was held at the SM Skydome!
The event was bigger and better compared to the 1st BDJ Box Beauty Social held last March.
During the event we got to explore some of the newest products that premium skincare, makeup and hair care brands had to offer! Glad I bought Ash and my mom along. :D

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lots of Lashes: Random False Lashes Haul

My eyelashes are the thinnest and shortest that one could ever have. 
I need to curl and them with mascara just for them to show up. 
Effective mascaras such as Maybelline Colossal tend to be expensive and I don't think I could deal with eyelash extensions due to commitment and maintenance issues.

Tada! Here's my first falsies haul!

 photo 2013-06-18215301_zps222ffe3b.jpg
I don't understand Chinese but these are obviously handmade Chinese lashes.

Available in different designs varying in thickness and length.
Comfort wise, they are so light due to its design and could be worn with ease thanks to its thin lash band. Believe it or not, I like these more compared to my Etude House Secret Long. 
And those Etude House lashes are much more expensive than a box of these!

 photo File0708_zps813e0b2c.jpg
Here's what they look like when worn.

 photo 2013-06-25011513_zps1d2fdb2a.jpg
From L-R: Miss Beauty False Eyelashes in 127 and 030.
These Miss Beauty falsies I got P10 per pair. 
Gave them to my cousin because I thought they suit her better.

  photo 536887_557850154278923_127799606_n_zps7c59d269.jpg
 Here's her selfie with the pair. Lol

Eyelash Extensions or false lashes? Which do you prefer more? I'd love to hear from you guys!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I GoBigger and GoBetter with Globe

Would you rather GoBigger or GoBetter?
Your Globe Prepaid just got better and bigger with more prepaid offers!
Globe Comparison Matrix

I'd rather GoBetter with Globe's GoUNLI30 because I could get to share the latest happenings with my friends and family by using the latest messaging apps like Kakao, FB Chat, Viber, WeChat, Line & GMessenger. And for my relatives who aren't too tech-savy, GoUNLI30 has unli allnetwork texts and unli calls to Globe AND TM. That's a great deal right there!

Whatever your lifestyle is, there's surely a perfect plan for you!
Go Bigger
GoCALL100 gives me more call minutes (500 mins) VS Competitors offer (200 mins). No need to use prefix to enjoy unlicalls.
– With GoUNLI30, I get real unlimited service with unli allnetwork texts, unli calls to Globe TM, plus the real UNLI-chat experience with the best apps available. It’s the real deal compared to competitor’s UNLI offer.
Go Better
- GoUNLITXT49 gives me the same UNLI texts to Globe/TM at a BETTER prices VS Competitors offer.

With GoUNLI25, I get real unlimited service w/ unli Globe/TM calls and texts, plus unli Viber chat to the rest of my friends. It’s the real deal compared to competitor’s UNLI offer.

For more information, see the links below:
Go Better
GoUNLI30 Artwork

Only Globe Prepaid gives me Bigger and Better unli offers. 
How about you? Would you rather GoBigger or GoBetter?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

BDJ Box Beauty Social: Primp and Prettify on September 29, 2013!

I’m counting down the days to the BDJ Box Beauty Social at Skydome SM City North EDSA on September 29, 2013.

BDJ Box is a beauty product discovery subscription service for women. Brought to you by the makers of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, BDJ Box aims to help every Filipina unbox her own beauty. For Php580 a month, subscribers receive a mass-customized box with at least 5-6 of the best beauty products delivered to their doorstep.

For the second time this year, they’re holding another Beauty-Filled event, delivering the best skincare, makeup and haircare brands under one roof for you to enjoy the whole day.  Their lineup of beauty brands --  Shiseido, Too Cool for School, Lucido-L, Bifesta, Celeteque, Yves Rocher, L’Oreal Paris, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Revlon, Max Factor, Maybelline, Covergirl and Garnier – will definitely excite everyone who goes to the BDJ Box Beauty Social!

The event is open to everyone but only pre-registered girls will be allowed to participate in the talks, get a loot bag, and have their picture taken at the photobooth.  Slots will be given on a first come, first served basis.

To pre-register for any of the talks, simply email the following:
Subject: BDJ Box Beauty Social Registration
Mobile Number:
Your answer to the question: “How do you prettify before an event?”
Top 3 choices for talks

For more details check our Facebook Page:
To get your very own BDJ Box, visit our website:
Happy girls are always the prettiest! See you at the BDJ Box Beauty Social!

Mini Haul: Snoe Hair Heroes Intense UV & Themal Barrier Shield + Snoe Scrumptious Body Spritz in Cotton Candy

It's official! I'm converted Snoe addict!

Here's my mini haul...

 photo 2013-06-18000321_zps4bec630f.jpg 
From L-R: Snoe Hair Heroes Intense UV & Thermal Barrier Shield and Snoe Body Rituals Recipes Body Spritz in Cotton Candy.

What's my take on these products?

Snoe Hair Heroes Intense UV & Thermal Barrier Shield (P 249)
This is the perfect fix for girls with unruly hair. We permed girls usually have to deal frizzy hair. 
This one works perfectly and it also could detangle our curls as well. The product is made with Argan Oil, Moringa Extract and Wheat Extract. The packaging is great because you could easily control how much product you need to pump out. I also recommend using this along with the intense PM version. 
I wish I could show you guys how well it works. 
I'll try to take some selfies sometime. Lol

Snoe Body Rituals Recipes Body Spritz in Cotton Candy (P 249)
This in particular is one of their newly released fragrances.
How do you spell Y-U-M-M-Y? This one I would totally repurchase because my bottle is already finished.
This one smells sweet like Sugar and Vanilla. You might think, this might smell overwhelming or too heavy on me. No, trust me. It's not as strong as Marshmallow Pie. And unlike most Body Spritz in the market, this one is more of an EDT. It's also moisturizing too. I love it! Let's spritz away!

Have you tried any Snoe products yet? 
Go check out Snoe Beauty at Shoppinas and have a Snoe Snoe day ahead of you! :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Physiogel: An Extraordinary Way to Moisturize!

At first, the brand Physiogel was very foreign to me. 
However, I got to know more about Physiogel thanks to Kris Bansuelo's BDJ Box Beauty Social talk.
After the event, I finally got my hands on my very own Physiogel Intensive Cream.
I must say, it really works well on dry areas, especially on my hands and heels. 
Ideal for the very cold weather now since the ber months are fast approaching as we speak.

So what makes Physiogel an extraordinary way to moisturize?
Physiogel moisturizes using a high level of natural lipids in a unique Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) base for long lasting hydration of moderately dry to very dry, irritated and sensitive skin. The DMS base, used uniquely in Physiogel products, is made up of natural lipids similar to the skin's physiological lipids.

A little goes a long way. I tried a pea size on my heels at night and they were still moisturized in the morning. Awesome.

I was curious as to the other products they offer so I ended up joining their contest at Facebook.
Guess who won a 1,000 php worth of Physiogel stuff? Yey!

Here's my entry. I know. Hahahaha. It's embarassing.
I only had 7 votes. Not really into the fb liking contests nowadays.
 photo Untitled-1_zps920c512c.jpg

So I went to GlaxoSmithKline at Magallanes to claim my prize.
 photo 2013-05-291347_zps7ad2c06b.jpg

Not bad for a consolation prize, right?
 photo 2013-05-291621_zpsa71dd6db.jpg

What's inside?
 photo 2013-05-291908_zps5a9e73eb.jpg
From L-R: Physiogel Cleanser, Physiogel Lotion, Physiogel Intensive Cream, Physiogel Cream and a Travel-sized Physiogel Cleanser. 

 I have yet to try how well the Physiogel Cleanser fares against other cleansers. 
But I'm reserving that for another blog post.Hehe

How about you guys? What's your take on Physiogel?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Advance Movie Screening: "Bakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?"

Last August 3, my close friends and I were lucky to get exclusive invites from Maxine to the advance movie screening of "Bakit Di Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo" at Shangri-La.

 photo 1098302_10151625011858640_652572342_n_zps32726e19.jpg

I was thrilled because I was planning to see that movie when I saw the trailers. 
I already have Ramon Bautista's book ages ago so I was quite interested on how they plan to make it to mainstream cinema. Believe it or not, I liked the original book cover.

The ever so handsome Xian Lim was kind enough to show up for the movie. 
He was sitting behind us the whole time along with a companion. 
I couldn't help but to glance behind because he was so adorable. 
At the end of the movie, he said some parting words and quickly left/ 
We were the only ones lucky enough to take a picture with him. Sigh. 
I wish he stayed longer though.

 photo 1000581_10151625011373640_1688640180_n_zps21a8cd5c.jpg 

This was also the first time I got interviewed about a film. 
They've asked me if I enjoyed the film and what are my thoughts on Star Cinema's movies and such. Personally, I thought the movie was interesting since a lot of cliche movies are made of remakes of old movies. I think this is a breath of fresh air. Though I wish they took more risks with this film. If you're looking for a feel-good rom-com movie, this is it.  My friend on the other hand didn't like it so much because she thought the movie was "pilit" and focused on the loveteam and less on the book. Oh well, baby steps. 

 photo 1001910_10151625011103640_275703366_n_zpsa6f72dc1.jpg 

After the movie, we decided to catch up with each other at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

 photo 945954_10151625010753640_691185080_n_zps4f6b0532.jpg

 photo 559688_10151625010208640_717298444_n_zps06700a6e.jpg

These guys are my really close High school friends and I haven't been hanging out with them since forever!
 I hope I'd get to bond with them soon! :)
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