Monday, September 30, 2013

BDJ Box Beauty Social: Primp and Prettify

This is the 2nd BDJ Box Beauty Social for this year! Primp and Prettify was held at the SM Skydome!
The event was bigger and better compared to the 1st BDJ Box Beauty Social held last March.
During the event we got to explore some of the newest products that premium skincare, makeup and hair care brands had to offer! Glad I bought Ash and my mom along. :D

The host for the event was none other than the quirky DJ Tracy Abad! If she looks or sounds familiar to you guys, she's the DJ for Mellow 94.7 and previous host for BDJ Box Beauty Soiree with Shiseido, BDJ Rendezvous Fears to Fierce and Work Your Way to the Top.

Max Factor's How Do I Look?
I was late for this talk. I can't say much but National Makeup Artist Bobby Carlos did a fabulous job on the three lovely ladies. Sad to say I missed it because I was distracted with the event booths. Lol

Refreshingly Gorgeous with Georgina Wilson
In this talk, Georgina Wilson got to promote the newly released Garnier Pure Active Energizing Facial Foam. I wasn't pre-registered for this talk but I just wanted to say, Georgina Wilson is so stunning in person.

 photo IMG_1465_zps951186c0.jpg


Signature Scents with Ralph Lauren
This was one of the most informative talks I have attended. The speaker, Nicki Naynes has covered everything to know about fragrances. Did you guys know that the word perfume came from "par fumum" meaning "through smoke"? I certainly didn't. Hahaha. What was great about this talk is I finally got to know what the hell does top notes, middle note and base note means. At the end of this talk you'll know what is the difference between EDT and EDP. For those who didn't pre-register for this talk, you missed a lot!

 photo IMG_1474_zps69ab92ae.jpg

Torch Calories, Without Looking Lke You Did
The girls from Women's Health, Anna Felipe and Larissa Joson got to talk about maximum calorie-burning exercises with minimum time. The second part was about looking fresh as if you didn't had a workout at all. My camera died during this time so I couldn't take down notes. Ugh.

 photo IMG_1497_zps71b96af9.jpg

Express Yourself with Maybelline
Ms, Amanda Padilla got to talk to us about different kinds of mascaras that would best fit our eyelash woes. She was really interactive with the people. What I really like about this talk is she even showed us two demos for proper makeup application using Maybelline products. She's really entertaining so rest assured, I think nobody fell asleep with her talk.

 photo IMG_1501_zpse2f9cb7e.jpg

While the ongoing talks, I got to check out the booths everywhere!
The following booths were:
 photo IMG_1448_zps06693151.jpg

Cure: Product Demonstration + Free Samples
I got to find out why a bottle gets sold every 12 seconds in Japan. Unfortunately, I lost my samples so I didn't get to try it on my face. I've noticed that compared to White Result Exfoliating Gel, this one is quite watery in consistency and the "build up" is less.

 photo IMG_1450_zps7fe14bf1.jpg
Each bottle goes for P1,500 but will last you a few months since you'll be using it once to twice a week.

 photo IMG_1451_zps2a10cee7.jpg
The kind ladies of Cure!

Bifesta: Interactive Games
Pick-a-prize! No one is left empty handed here! You'll just have to pick a piece of paper with your prize written on the paper.

 photo IMG_1449_zps8a7068f6.jpg

Garnier: Witness a Product Unveiling
There were free flowing mocktail drinks and a photobooth. Fun and refreshing, just like Garnier!
These were mocktails not cocktails meaning, its perfect for girls who aren't into drinking alcoholic beverages!

 photo IMG_1460_zps77038966.jpg

Celeteque: Skin Pampering Area
Get some pampering and skin consultation from Celetque skin experts. I skipped this one because I already had some makeup on.

 photo IMG_1459_zps7bc14fef.jpg

Max Factor: Makeup Seminar
Be your own makeup artist! I got to try out their latest CC Cream and other products as well.
I was so amused by their Clump Defy mascara that I accidentally my cellphone there! Such a klutz. Lol

 photo IMG_1463_zpsb9dadff4.jpg
Some of the things I got to try out...

 photo IMG_1461_zpsd8239031.jpg 
Before my "transformation" 

Too Cool for School: Instant Prizes with Yutnori
I got to try a Korean game where our score is equivalent to our prize. I suck at this game. They also had a photobooth on the left.

 photo IMG_1446_zpsd263ec0a.jpg

Shiseido: Makeup Consultation
I didn't get to try this one due to time constraints. Might try their free Oxygen Lounge this week at Trinoma though.

 photo IMG_1471_zps06ca9646.jpg

What's inside the loot bags?
 photo IMG_1470_zps25b9bcb3.jpg

It was filled with goodies from some of the generous BDJ Box Beauty Social partners: Bifesta, Revlon, Celeteque, Cure, Garnier, Goody, Too Cool for School, Yves Rocher, Cosmopolitan and Women's Health. Again, to those who didn't pre-register... You missed out a lot!

 photo 1382414_10151622869507050_802133346_n_zps949677f2.jpg

I'll try to show our photobooth outtakes from Too Cool for School, Print Social and Garnier next time if I get the change to scan them. :D

 Smile! I hope you guys have a good week ahead of you!

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