Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get your dream guy in five easy steps!

Get your dream guy in five easy steps!

Oooh lala, it’s February again. That time of the year where you’ll wonder why you are still single. Here are five easy steps on how to make Mr. Right into your Prince Charming…

  • · Find a victim

Look at your left. Okay, now look to your right. Find someone you are attracted to physically and mentally. He must be someone you share common interests with.

  • · Be the ultimate dreamgirl

Feeling ugly? Don’t be. Here’s a beauty secret I’d like to share:
Get a mirror and look at yourself. Now tell yourself: “I am beautiful”. Do it every single day. The most beautiful thing a woman can put on her face is a smile.

Don’t be an airhead. Never stop learning and discovering new things.
Be smart, be witty and never be passive. Familiarity breeds contempt.

Being beautiful is about confidence. Be charismatic and be beautiful inside out. Put on that red lipstick not because he wants you to, put it on because it makes you feel good. Remember personality cannot be bought from a bottle.

  • · Be a diamond

Polish yourself. A carbon under pressure is a sparkling diamond. Act like a bitch but know how to handle yourself under pressure. Focus on your goals and career. Increase your net value. Be desirable, if you aren’t happy being single don’t expect to find happiness being with a guy. Remember, happiness comes from within. Love yourself.

  • · Don’t be an attention whore

Your victim must treat you with respect and value your presence. Your time is valuable don’t beg for attention make him ask for yours.

  • · Claim your reward

You reap what you sow. Act like your dream guy is already being delivered and you’ll be receiving him in no time. He’ll come, no need to rush and just take your time. For the meanwhile go out and do things you love. Be wonder woman!

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