Saturday, December 19, 2015

Swan Dance International Product Launch: Meishoku, Girlactik & Chacott are now in the Philippines!

Contrary to popular belief, not because a beauty product worked wonders on others necessarily means it would do you well. Just a few weeks ago, my friend who had an acne breakout asked me to recommend a good facial cleanser. Since my skin type is predominantly oily, it's normal for me to recommend a mattifying product. To which she replied "I already tried that and it dried me up." From there she told me that her skin type was normal. Different skin types have different needs. Some people who have combination skin type even go to an extent of using different products to spot-treat their face. 

Now why am I telling you all of this? My point is it doesn't only apply to skin care but to almost everything else. Makeup, fragrances, hair care, fashion and many many more. That's why you have to know yourself more, figure out your needs and preferences. Explore your choices. Then that's how you find your own HG product. Right?

Last Friday night I got invited to the exclusive product launching of Swan Dance International held at the Celebrity Hall of Swire Elan Hotel. I WAS OVERWHELMED. When I got there I didn't know where to start since everything was so cute! You'll be excited as I was when you get to see what they have in store for 2016! Without further ado, let me introduce some of the products from Swan Dance International...

Meishoku DET Clear Bright & Peel Series

DET Clear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly (180mL)

DET Clear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly is a watery gel type peeling gel that softens and gently exfoliates dead skin (old keratin) with fruit-derived AHA and plant-derived BHA. The fruit-derived AHA promises to make dull skin look brighter for a more clear complexion while the plant-derived BHA is recommended for skin with blocked pores and acne. DET Clear Bright & Peel Peeling Jelly is also available in Mixed Berries Fragrance, Mixed Fruit Fragrance and Unscented. I believe the Unscented type is recommended for people with dry sensitive skin. Given the price, I'd give it a go since it's a lot cheaper than most peeling gels / creams in the market.

DET Clear Bright & Peel Oil Cut Cleansing Liquid (180mL)

DET Clear Bright & Peel Oil Free Cleansing Liquid is also made from AHA and BHA. It is best used for removing heavy makeup like waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. No need for the usual cleansing as this makeup remover is also your facial cleanser. Awesome. Perfect for lazy people like me! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! What I also like about it is made oil-free and silicon free so it's gentle on the skin and won't dry you out. I heard that it's so gentle that it wouldn't harm your eyelash extensions... but I still wouldn't recommend doing that yet.

DET Clear Bright & Peel Peeling Soap (100g)

DET Clear Bright & Peel Peeling Soap has limonene in its orange oil that lifts dirt from the pores to keep the skin soft and clear at the same time. I absolutely adore the packaging of this product! It really looks like a gem in person. So cute! Not only does it look good, but it will make you look good too! It is said that it lathers into a airy bubbly whip that will leave your skin smooth without any feeling of tightness that you usually get from drying soaps. This soap also enhances the permeability of lotions used after this product.

Meishoku Organic Rose Series

The Meishoku Organic Rose Series contains the finest organic Damask roses from Bulgaria to produce a more soft beautiful skin. It is said that Damask Rose Water Extract has the effect of keeping the skin hydrated leaving it more resilient and plump. The whole series includes the Meishoku Moisture Lotion, Meishoku Skin Conditioner, Meishoku Beauty Serum, Meishoku Conditioning Gel, Meishoku Moisture Cream, Meishoku Soda Mist and Meishoku Moisture Emulsion. I've personally tested some of these and they smell so lovely. If you are into light and non-sticky beauty products, you will want this! No joke!

Meishoku BIGANSUI Series

The Meishoku Bigansui Series is a popular lotion with 130 years of history. It is a hot-selling item for most Japanese junior and senior high school students because of its anti-acne properties. It works by controlling excessive sebum that causes acne. The whole series includes the Meishoku Bigansui Skin Lotion for Women, Meishoku Bigansui Skin Lotion for Men, Meishoku Bigansui Soap, Meishoku Face Wash, Meishoku Bigansui Acne Essence.

Chacott for Professionals

Chacott originally started out as a manufacturer and retailer of ballet products in Japan until they saw the demand for stage makeup and ventured into launching their own HD makeup. Stage makeup is known for being long lasting, highly pigmented and vivid in color. That's what I love about Chacott when they did my makeover. I got stuck at EDSA due to traffic on my way home and I'm surprised that it's still there!

Girlactik Beauty

Girlactik Beauty started out with Hollywood Makeup Artist Galit Strugano and her frustrations in dealing with the mess that usually comes with glitter makeup and eventually developed her own no-budge sparkle makeup. Pigmented shadows, blushes, glosses, shimmer dusts, tinted moisturizers they have it in several shades. And it doesn't end there, they even have matte products. I absolutely cannot wait for their Matte Lip Paint! Need to get my hands on one!

Girlactik Star Gloss is available in Just Sexy, Be Pink, Smooch, Oh La La Red, Bella, Sheer Bone, Orange Twist, Burlesque Red, Rockstar Gold, Pout, Flirty, Prettiest, So Pretty, Innocent Pink, Pin Up, So Lush, Just Nude and Baby Doll.

Here are some of the swatches for the Girlactik Star Gloss. See how these glosses vary from sheer to shimmer finish. They are long lasting with a little tack, and stay on with a good shine to keep your lips moist and sparkling. I've tried the Burlesque Red and it stayed put even when I got home. It even left a pretty pink tint when I removed it.

Girlactik Star Shadow is a pressed eyeshadow compact that delivers long-wearing color with vibrant mineral pigments. It may be applied dry for a sheer look or wet for an amplified effect. Available in pearl finish and matte finish.

Girlactik Heaven's Dust is your bestfriend when it comes to highlighting! Just apply some of this shimmering sparkling dust all over your shoulders, nose bridge, brow bone, d├ęcolletage (and whatever you could think of) to give your skin a lustrous, sparkling shine!

Of course the night wouldn't be possible without the very gorgeous founder of Swan Dance International, Ms. Dursula Ito. It was indeed the passion and dedication of Ms. Dursula to offer the highest quality products at the best value. She believes that cosmetics help to make every woman feel more confident and appealing. And that you could bring out the inner beauty of every woman through enhancing her outer beauty. I totally love her, she's very friendly and accommodating!

As for the very random makeover that night. I absolutely love it! The model for the night, Alina did a good job on my brows! I had no idea which specific products they used for the whole look but all I know is that they used a combination of Chacott and Girlactik products on my face.

Right after the makeover...

Look at THAT coverage, I couldn't even see my dark circles anymore!

Here's a better shot for the eye makeup. My hooded eyelids keeps on eating my eyeshadows!

This is what I look like after 2 hours of commuting... Not bad, right?

Wanna know more about Meishoku, Chacott and Girlactik?
Visit Swan Dance International at the following links:

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Disco Fever: Cook Magazine's 5th Annual Holiday Bash

In celebrating its 15th year of publication, Cook Magazine continues to look for ways to engage their readers by evolving into a more complete experience for everyone. I enjoy reading Cook Magazine because they really get involved with foodies as if they are a part of the journey when they share articles and photos of their recent food discoveries.

Inside House Manila

The official hashtags for the night

On the editorial side, they've also added a couple of new sections to the magazine. The Health and Wellness section by Dolly Dy-Zulueta features food and beverage products, restaurants and destinations that promote wellbeing. Cook Magazine is not just limited to food as they also have their Home and Living section that contains crafts, decorating and DIY projects.

From L-R: The Cook Magazine Team. Managing Editor Magnolia Silvestre, Former Editor in Chief Nancy Reyes-Lumen, Editor in Chief Chef Dino Datu and Advertising Sales Manager Marlon Aldenese

Outside House Manila

For this year, Cook Magazine celebrates its 5th annual Holiday Bash held at the House Manila with the theme "Disco Fever" as their way of thanking their advertisers for their unending support. It was a fun night to mingle, dine, drink and be merry!

Best In Costume Winners

House Manila was jam-packed that night!

Catching up with my friends from the blogging community

Cook Magazine would not be the country's longest running monthly food publication without their Top Advertisers for 2015. Their 2015 Top Advertisers are Petron Corporation, Lamoiyan Corporation, Hafele Philippines, Ugong Trade and Holdings Inc, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Mondelez Philippines, Gifted Minds PR and Marketing Consultancy, Berghoff Philippines, Excellence Appliances Technologies Inc, Unilever Food Solutions, Appstar Global Distributors Inc. HDR Foods Corporation, G.Q.W.E.S.T. INC., Zinven International Corporation and Wilmington Imex Inc.

The 2015 Top Advertisers at the Cook Magazine Holiday Bash

Cook Magazine's 5th Annual Holiday Bash was truly big and extravagant! This event was also made possible by their other event sponsors including Skyjet Airlines, Figaro Coffee Company, Berjaya Hotel, The French Baker, Midas Hotel and Casino, Bluewater Resorts, New World Manila Bay Hotel, Robinsons Supermarket, The SM Store, Breville, Petron Gasul, McCormick, Best Western Boracay Tropics, Fujidenzo, Hotel Celeste, Landbank, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, Ready-Wrap Containers, Tecnogas, Uratex Monoblock, Whirlpool Appliances, Widus Hotel and Casino, Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu, Tourism Malaysia, Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Holiday Inn Manila Galleria, Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and Spa, Crimson Hotel Manila, F1 Hotel Manila, Full Circle Communications, Inc. Gardenia, Goldilocks, Jolly, King Sue, Marca Leon, Masflex Cookware and Kitchenware, San Miguel Pure Foods Culinary Center, San Miguel Purefoods, Simple Touch, Harvest Hotel, Rizgolf Sports Marketing, Shinigawa, Thousand Miles Leisure Pro Travel and Tours Co., Acacia Hotel Manila, Astoria Hotels and Resorts, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, Hotel Jen, Mother's Best, Party Shots Photobooth, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo and Ortigas, Toblerone, Hurom Slow Juicer, Cafe in the Park, Century Park Hotel, Oreo, Gree, Photoman, Diamond Hotel Philippines and Yoshinoya.

Other food sponsors include Chef Wix Catering, Kitchen Seventy-One, True Aussie Beef and Lamb, Lydia's Lechon, Agings Food Delight, Ice Cream House, Royal Patisserie, Sweetielicious Homemade Goodies, San Miguel Corporation, Pepsi and Smirnoff Mule.

Last year, they've also launched the Cook Magazine Studio Kitchen, a venue where cooking, eating and food photography all seamlessly blend.

The kitchen has had a bit of a makeover recently thanks to Mother's Best sponsoring kitchen cabinetry and a new backsplash. The addition added some warmth to the kitchen and provides a space to display products like Mother's Best condiments.

If you're a foodie and you'd love to see more interesting features,
recipes, tips, techniques and a whole lot more, don't forget to grab a copy of Cook Magazine!


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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Discover A New Way of Whitening with Thiocell

Before anything else, I'd just like to say that I consider every skin tone equally beautiful.
Whether you have that sun-kissed caramel skin or you're as white as snow is nobody's concern but you.

Last November 27, I was one of the beauty bloggers who got invited to the exclusive Thiocell Glutathione Luncheon Party that was held at the French restaurant Le Jardin Manila where we all got to experience a new way of whitening. If you see me lighter in a few days, it means it's really effective!

From L-R: Cheese Plate, Escargot de Bourgogne, Filet Mignon de Porc and another variation of the Cheese Plate.

From L-R: Dessert de Gil's and Chocolate Cake

Glutathione has been the answer to women everywhere who wishes to have a whiter skin tone. With the technology nowadays, there are a lot of ways to whiten the skin. From lotions, injectibles, soaps and the most common of all-- tablets or capsules.

I'll be honest, most people that I've worked with at beauty companies would tell me that soaps and lotions can lighten the skin but ONLY at the surface level. The most effective way to lighten the skin is getting the glutathione inside the body. Injectibles are quite risky to use if not administered properly especially without medical assistance. Plus, it is difficult to withdraw from the body if you are allergic to it or whatsoever. I believe the safest and easiest way to get glutathione inside the body is by ingesting it orally.

Dr. Kristina Reyes giving a brief talk about how and why Thiocell is every busy girl's must-haves!

Beauty Blogger Kumiko Mae of LovingSunshine

From Brady Pharma comes Thiocell, a breakthrough glutathione that promises more effective and safer results. What makes it different from any other ingestible brands is the way it is formulated (The GCS Synergy) and that it is in lozenge form. Preliminary evidences show that better absorption of glutathione occurs in the mouth with the lozenge placed between the teeth and the inner cheek. It is said that the longer you could keep it in the mouth, the better! Absorption starts the minute you take it, giving you the full dose of its power combination of Glutathione, Vitamin C and Selenium.

Taking it is so easy. Just take one lozenge a day. Think of it as a powerful anti-oxidant candy. At first it tastes and smells weird but you'll get the hang of it. I find it a bit sour though because of the Vitamin C, but it is bearable. If you want to speed up the whitening effect, you could take a maximum of four lozenges in a day. One bottle costs P2,600 that has 30 lozenges, enough to cover a month of recommended daily intake in the morning.

Imagine how convinient it is to let go of your beauty regimen that usually takes forever to do. Or those regular trips to your derma for treatments and most of all the savings you could have for not over spending on a lot of products for a picture perfect look. With the demands of a busy lifestyle, you could still take care of your skin without compromising your time and effort by switching to Thiocell.

Experience waking up to a new way of whitening and try Thiocell now! Purchase your first bottle of Thiocell in It will be also available soon in other stores!

For more inquires on Thiocell visit and follow their official social media accounts:


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