Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Discover A New Way of Whitening with Thiocell

Before anything else, I'd just like to say that I consider every skin tone equally beautiful.
Whether you have that sun-kissed caramel skin or you're as white as snow is nobody's concern but you.

Last November 27, I was one of the beauty bloggers who got invited to the exclusive Thiocell Glutathione Luncheon Party that was held at the French restaurant Le Jardin Manila where we all got to experience a new way of whitening. If you see me lighter in a few days, it means it's really effective!

From L-R: Cheese Plate, Escargot de Bourgogne, Filet Mignon de Porc and another variation of the Cheese Plate.

From L-R: Dessert de Gil's and Chocolate Cake

Glutathione has been the answer to women everywhere who wishes to have a whiter skin tone. With the technology nowadays, there are a lot of ways to whiten the skin. From lotions, injectibles, soaps and the most common of all-- tablets or capsules.

I'll be honest, most people that I've worked with at beauty companies would tell me that soaps and lotions can lighten the skin but ONLY at the surface level. The most effective way to lighten the skin is getting the glutathione inside the body. Injectibles are quite risky to use if not administered properly especially without medical assistance. Plus, it is difficult to withdraw from the body if you are allergic to it or whatsoever. I believe the safest and easiest way to get glutathione inside the body is by ingesting it orally.

Dr. Kristina Reyes giving a brief talk about how and why Thiocell is every busy girl's must-haves!

Beauty Blogger Kumiko Mae of LovingSunshine

From Brady Pharma comes Thiocell, a breakthrough glutathione that promises more effective and safer results. What makes it different from any other ingestible brands is the way it is formulated (The GCS Synergy) and that it is in lozenge form. Preliminary evidences show that better absorption of glutathione occurs in the mouth with the lozenge placed between the teeth and the inner cheek. It is said that the longer you could keep it in the mouth, the better! Absorption starts the minute you take it, giving you the full dose of its power combination of Glutathione, Vitamin C and Selenium.

Taking it is so easy. Just take one lozenge a day. Think of it as a powerful anti-oxidant candy. At first it tastes and smells weird but you'll get the hang of it. I find it a bit sour though because of the Vitamin C, but it is bearable. If you want to speed up the whitening effect, you could take a maximum of four lozenges in a day. One bottle costs P2,600 that has 30 lozenges, enough to cover a month of recommended daily intake in the morning.

Imagine how convinient it is to let go of your beauty regimen that usually takes forever to do. Or those regular trips to your derma for treatments and most of all the savings you could have for not over spending on a lot of products for a picture perfect look. With the demands of a busy lifestyle, you could still take care of your skin without compromising your time and effort by switching to Thiocell.

Experience waking up to a new way of whitening and try Thiocell now! Purchase your first bottle of Thiocell in Lazada.com.ph. It will be also available soon in other stores!

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