Sunday, November 29, 2015

My First Crystal Facial Experience at Dermclinic

One of my mannerisms that I hate the most is I tend to touch my face... a lot. Disgusting as it sounds, I enjoy popping my zits. Even more disgusting: I find extreme whiteheads / blackheads extraction videos on Youtube quite amusing! I don't know why. I hope none of my readers are having (or probably losing) their breakfast now. 

As fun as it is for me to watch those videos, I don't want to encounter any of those in my lifetime! I believe tiny white spaghetti blobs on the face don't belong to any FOTDs! As a preventive measure, I went to Dermclinic at SM North Annex to have my Crystal Facial done.

So I haven't had a trip to the derma or had a facial for eons so I knew it was the perfect time to visit. My last visit at this branch was way way back in High School and I was covered in zits back then! I have to admit, their products are pricey because they were sold in kits BUT they are so effective that I've completely forgotten how pimply I was before.

Look how girly their wash area is! Before anything else, they instructed me to wash off my makeup. The liquid soap on the left is for the hands while the one on the right is for the face.

This is where I had my Crystal Facial done. I definitely find the place relaxing because it was quiet inside the clinic. It was as if you won't feel like you're inside a mall.

Dermclinic has just celebrated their 44th anniversary this month! For over 44 years Dermclinic has become the pioneer and the leading dermatological center in the country. Full-time doctors who have undergone years of medical study and intensive training in professional dermatology warmly welcome each patient, 7 days a week.

These are some of the tools they used on me. It is said that their state-of-the-art equipment and facilities are also available to complement its wide range of services and breakthrough procedures, all to ensure the best aesthetic results possible.

According to them, the Crystal Facial is a milder version of a Diamond Peel. It is advised that this should only be done at least every two weeks. Too much could cause the skin to dry up and that isn't good.

Before anything else, they first treated my skin with a Deep Cleansing Cream to clean my skin and Moisture Plus Cream to delay premature aging.

They then applied an Intense Whitening Firming Mask on my face and left it on for 10 minutes.

Also had a mild extraction of my T-Zone to get rid of deep seated blackheads and whiteheads.

Yes, that's me without makeup. Here's a video of me having my face brushed with a big and small brush. The bigger one is for larger areas of the face while the smaller one is for those hard to reach places. The last part of the video is where I'm having my skin "vacuumed" to get rid of my dead skin cells. Revealing a healthy glowing skin underneath.

The end result? THIS. A healthier skin that doesn't need any makeup or filters for these selfies! I don't know if the results should be instant but I was already seeing some micro-peeling action there. Not sure if you could see it closely though.

The only possible downside of this that I could think of is you aren't supposed to put anything on the face and wash the face overnight so that you could get the most out of the treatment. That's pretty much it.

Through the years, Dermclinic has been dedicated in providing customer satisfaction through excellent services and high quality products. You can never go wrong trusting the pioneer!

Random Tip: The whole thing would probably cost you P1200. But if you're a BDJ Bella you should definitely check your coupons now so that you'll be lucky to avail of the Buy 1 Take 1 Crystal Facial promo! The year is ending soon, better use it now!

To know more about their promos and other services visit their website at
If you wish to stay updated, they also have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What about you? Any skin treatments that I should know about?
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