Monday, November 2, 2015

Contact Lens Review: Canis Grey

One of the things you need to know before purchasing a pair of contact lens is it's not one size fits all. Do you have astigmatism? Chances are you should be wearing toric lenses instead of soft contact lenses. Are you going to a promising job interview or the first day of work wearing a pair of oversized dolly lens, sclera lens or crazy lens? Chances are they might prejudge you based on your appearance.

Another thing to consider is just because it looks good on the model doesn't necessarily mean that it would also look good on you. Not to discourage you or anything but I'm just being honest. I just don't want people wasting their hard earned money on things that wouldn't suit them well.

To my readers who are considering getting their first pair of contacts you might want to consider Canis Grey. A very subtle and versatile pair of contacts that I got from Klenspop, the leading company of circle lens and cosmetic lens in South Korea.

L-R: Front and back packaging

Inside the box: contact lens case, lens tweezers and vials of the circle lens.

If you're new to this, they have the contact lens manual printed on the back of the box. 
I remember years back that I had to do my research online and watch countless Youtube videos on how to put them on. It was tricky, but you'll eventually get the hang of it! Now I could put them on and off without looking at the mirror! Hohohoho!

Front view and back view of the Canis Grey vials

Canis Grey

Origin: Korea
Diameter: 14 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 42%
Lifespan: 6 months
Prescription / Power: Plano to -10.00

View from the bottom of the vials

As always, I got them in my prescription... I'm quite happy that my prescription isn't going up.
I hope that it goes down someday. Getting Lasik is pricey and risky.


Here's what they look like when worn:

Natural Light

With flash

Indoor Light

Front and back design

Rating: 3/5 stars

The design of the Canis Grey has a unique starburst pattern that blends seamlessly into the iris especially on dark ones. They're very very natural on Asian eyes that it's like you're not wearing anything at all! For me, I believe the Canis Grey is quite reminiscent of GEO Magic Black (CK-101) but with a more lovely gradient and sharper lines that would accentuate your natural eye color.


Rating: 1/5 stars

Even with the pattern, DON'T expect any color change with this one unless you have light colored irises! The surprising thing about the Canis Grey is they aren't exactly grey. They're JET BLACK.
I think they should rename this to Canis Black to avoid all confusion.


Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Just like any regular sized lens at 14mm, don't expect too much enlargement with these.
With a thin limbal ring and a graphic diameter of 13.4mm, it does make your irises appear to be a little bit bigger but it's not that too noticeable.


Rating: 5/5 stars

When I do a contact lens review I make it a point to wear it for weeks to months before writing anything. These are very comfortable and up to this point I haven't encountered any discomfort or any irritation with these lenses... unless of course when I wear them too long. Something that you shouldn't do!


If I were to name this, I'd call it my "all-around" lens. I could wear it anywhere without bringing too much attention to my eyes. It's simplicity is something that I find convenient since you wouldn't have to worry if your office dress code allows it, makeup clashes with it or whatsoever. If you're wearing clear lenses for quite some time, you might want to consider this for a change. With these pair, I think you could never go wrong.

For more affordable Korean contact lens like this you better check out Klenspop's online shop at where they have a wide variety of designs, different brands and sweet deals / discounts!


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