Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kapampangan Boddle Fight at Apag Marangle

It was last February when my mom's close friend drove us all the way to Pampanga just to have lunch. Crazy, right? She tells us that she goes to Pampanga when she is craving for Kapampangan dishes. Kapampangan Food is a cuisine all Filipinos know for sure. Known for its bold and savory dishes to its one of a kind dishes such as Camaru or crickets. The roadtrip slash foodtrip that we had was really fun and memorable! Ever since then, I couldn't resist buying my own Paco Fern for my salad... I even have one on the fridge right now. Plus, it was also my first time to try a fried Betute!

Unlike my mom's close friend... not everyone has the luxury of time going all the way there to have lunch. Fortunately, somewhere located at the Metro’s business district – Makati city, you can dine at Apag Marangle. Where they are offering the best Kapampangan food and great deals good for the whole family.

As part of their new offering Apag Marangle is offering an array of boodle fight meals that is perfect for your budget and taste buds. And prices would start at 1,100 pesos. 

They have four offerings which are:

ASIKAN (Bukid) (P1,100)
Ensaladang Paco (Fiddle Head Fern Salad with Salted Eggs and Special Apag Marangle Dressing)
Sale Manuk (Chicken and Lemon Grass Soup with Corn)
Ningnang Liempo (Broiled Pork Belly)
Pritung Tilapia (Fried Tilapia)
Plain Rice Nasing Marangle (Apag Marangle’s version of Paella)

DAYAT MALAT (Dagat) (P1,700)
Ensaladang Manggang Bubot (Green Mango Salad)
Sigang Paro King Sampalok (Shrimp Cooked in Fresh Tamarind Juice)
Pritong Bangus (Fried Milkfish)
Minantikilyang Ema (Buttered Crab)
Ningnang Pusit (Broiled Squid Stuffed with Herbs, Tomato and Onions)
Tabang Talangka Rice (Crab Paste Rice)
Plain Rice

MANANGU (Biyahero) (P1,600)
Ensaladang Ampalaya (Bitter Melon Salad)
Balatung (Mongo Beans Soup with Peeled Shrimps)
Pelutungan Manuk (Fried Chicken)
Pepalasing Paro (Drunken Shrimps)
Sisig Nasing Marangle (Apag Marangle’s version of Paella)
Plain Rice

KABALENAN (Bayan) (P1,500)
Chicharong Bulaklak Suam Mais (Corn Soup in Clay Pot)
Humba (Pork Belly Braised in Yellow Bean Paste)
Kare-Kare (Filipino Stew of Beef Oxtail and Tripe on a Creamy Peanut Sauce)
Chicken Barbeque
Plain Rice
Garlic Rice

Apag Marangle and Kapampangan cuisine go hand in hand in bringing Pampanga near to every Filipino. Let's go visit Apag Marangle at Parksquare Makati and have a taste of fresh and authentic Kapampangan food today! Who's with me?

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