Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Loose Leaf Mega Everyday Endless Collab Giveaway

As you all noticed I haven't been posting much here so I'm making it up to you guys! Along with Loose Leaf Tea Shop; my blogger friends Rattus, Denise, Marilou, Alice and I have collaborated for a mega giveaway! Definitely a great way to start August, right?

Here are the prizes up for grabs:

 1st Prize: Grand Endless Box (estimated value over P1,000!)

  • 10 Gift Certificates from Loose Leaf Tea Shop
  • Kolours Luster Demi Permanent Hair Dye (Pamper Me Brown)
  • San San CYO Eyeshadow (2 pieces of Cotton Candy Pink and Blackground)
  • Body Recipe Milk + Bath Soap
  • Body Recipe Milk + Protective Day Cream
  • Hortaleza Dermatox Facial Toner
  • Celeteque Acne Cleansing Gel (4 pieces)
  • Celeteque Acne Facial Moisturizing Gel (4 pieces)
  • Celeteque Triple Brightening Cream (4 pieces)
  • Goody Hair Accessory
  • Mestiza Soap
  • Godiva Whitening Lotion (2 pieces)
  • Godiva Whitening Facial Cream
  • Godiva Whitening Anti-Antiperspirant Deodorant
  • Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock SPF 35
  • Pregroe Shampoo Sachet (2 pieces)
  • Yale Luggage Padlock
  • Yale Limited Edition Ballpen (2 pieces)
  • Yves Rocher Eau de Toilette Sample Pack (6 pieces)
  • Yves Rocher Flawless Finish Fluid Foundation (Beige)
  • The Face Shop E'thym O2 Water Rechargeable Essence
  • The Face Shop Natural Sun Cream SPF 45
  • Face It BB Cream Power Perfection SPF 37 (Natural Beige)
  • Too Cool For School Dinoplatz CC Cream
Consolation Prize

  • Hot Pink Sheer Rompers
  • Peppermint Foot Lotion
  • Peppermint Foot Scrub
1.) This giveaway is open to residents of Metro Manila since the store is located at San Juan.
2.) This giveaway would last a duration of 2 weeks.
Starting this July 28 (Monday) at 12:01 am and it ends on August 8 (Friday) at 11:59 pm.
3.) Announcement of winners will be on August 9 (Saturday) at 9:00 pm.
4.) Winners of this giveaway must be willing to meetup at the store to claim their prizes.
5.) Winners will be chosen at random via Rafflecaptor.

Post this status on your FB wall:

"Join the Mega Everyday Endless Collab Giveaway from Loose Leaf Tea Shop! 
Note: Don't forget to set your posts to public and tag Batbutt in your status for tracking. 
You can do this everyday. Make sure that you do not tag people you've previously tagged

More entries means more chances of winning!
With that being said, I wish all my readers goodluck! :)

Fun with Philip on GMA News TV!

Lifestyle is simply a life lived in style. There are many styles, choices and preferences. Philip Abadicio wants to make sure that we all have fun while living our different lifestyles in his latest TV show, “Fun with Philip,” on GMA News TV every Saturday and Sunday from 3:00 to 3:30 p.m. starting this August 2014.

He was meant to be a lifestyler. After finishing college in U.P. Diliman, Philip and his pals setup Wild Life, a clothing store catering to cool high school and college kids. They used the heartthrobs and sweethearts of the top schools and this marketing strategy gave them sales beyond their expectations. The lifestyle editor of the Manila Times took notice of Wild Life and invited Philip to be a contributor.

The initial half page that he had to fill up would eventually be extended into 2 pages with various lifestyle news—food, fashion, parties, beautiful people, travel. The job opened doors and several lifestyle experiences for Philip. “My network expanded and I realized I really loved lifestyle news and coverage,” he shares.

Philip also interacted closely with the PR’s and publicity industry. He learned how PR is done effectively and opened RPA and Communicate, a PR agency specializing in lifestyle and society clients. “In the 90s and 2000’s lifestyle was mostly for the affluent, done in English and always featuring high-end products and services,” he relates. Things have changed since then.

In the age of reality TV, lifestyle is no longer just for the rich and those who can afford it. “I’ve always maintained that lifestyle should not just be aspirational but more importantly, it should inspire people to live their lives in style, no matter what circumstance you are in,” he explains.

After 2 seasons each of “It’s More Fun with Philip” and “Philip Lifestyle Guy,” the objective of making sure lifestyle is understood and appreciated by a wider audience has been started. In the latest offering, “Fun with Philip,” the agenda to help and entertain is pushed even further. Chosen letter senders will experience the food, beauty treatments, fitness regimen, etc. that are featured on the show. More than this, contests both on-air and online via www.philipabadicio.com will give viewers more chances of enjoying the lifestyle features on the show.

“Fun with Philip” is a show made for lifestylers. As they say on the show, “mga Kapusong Lifestylers, we will give you the surprises for you to win the prizes!” A segment called Kwentuhang Kumot, where Philip interviews a celebrity under the sheets as he or she reveals untold secrets, will be there. 

Philip will be joined by his FunKicks, the sidekicks or co-hosts who will help provide more fun.


They are actress and commercial model Valeen Montenegro who will be with Philip to handle the Fashion and Beauty segments, and fitness coach Bryan Lopez Santos who will be Philip's exercise buddy in the Health and Fitness segments.


“The show will be a lot of fun while you learn something new and you can apply it in your lives plus, you just might win prizes too,” Philip says.

Friday, July 11, 2014

MAC Technique Makeup Workshop

If there's a makeup brand that everyone knows, it's MAC. If you checked out every beauty blogs out there, they'll usually mention that their skin tone is NC 30, NW 40 or any of the variety. I'm very honored to be invited to their store at Glorietta and be taught how to execute a flawless look by using MAC Cosmetics.

 I know you guys are rolling your eyes and telling me, do you REALLY need this? You'll be surprised that I've learned new techniques from MAC and its best selling products as well. After reading this, you'll be equipped with an extra knowledge on which things you should get!

The well-known Makeup Maven, Sabs Hernandez is usually the one handling the brushes. 
But for this workshop she's turning the tables and sat down as a model. Gorgeous as always.

Day to Night Transformation

The theme of the workshop is Femme to Fierce. Our highly-skilled MAC Facilitator, Frances taught us a simple day to night makeup transformation for the forever busy girls that are always on the go! 

Here are some expert notes that could help you channel the inner beauty guru in you!


  • Skincare first. Never ever scrimp on your skin! Concealing unhealthy skin can only do as much. Cameras are now more HD and unforgiving compared from the past.
  • If you want your makeup last longer, a good base / primer is a must! Primers are not only for the foundation but they have lip and eyelid primers as well. The one they used for Sabs are Prep + Prime Lip (for the lips) and Prep + Prime Highlighter (for the eyes). Prep + Prime Lip Primer is one of their best selling products that is quite handy in preventing unflattering lines on your lips.
  • Since the weather of the Philippines is truly humid, a Translucent Powder is great for setting your liquid foundation and blotting oil to keep your makeup from melting away!


  • Eye makeup is not generic. Some might have deeper set eyes and some might have hooded lids, not everyone has the same eyes. The same applies to eye makeup, you have to understand your eye shape first to learn how to enhance the features of your eyes.
  • Chinitas should veer away from metallic eyeshadows. It will reflect the light and will make your eyes appear smaller.
  • Set your eyeliner with eyeshadow to make it last longer.
  • Embark is a flattering shade for warm Asian skin since it's a brown purple eyeshadow that is not too black or red. It's an honest brown really. Shroom is good to use with this as a highlight because it's not too frosted like Nylon.
  • Finish the look by defining the eyes with a waterproof eyeliner pencil in the shade of Engrave or Black Tide. But if you're into very black eyeliners like me, I say Carbon is the best way to go!
  • Some of the eyeshadow brushes that are great to invest on are the 107 and 224. The bristles are made of soft goat's hair and I believe these are Sabs' personal favorite to use on her clients. For more defined strokes, opt for their pencil brush: 119.


Limited Edition Alluring Aquatics Refined Golden. A perfect not too brown or not too red bronzer.
  • Do not apply your makeup downwards as it will appear to make your face pulled down. 
  • Frances loves using the angled contour blush brush, 167 for applying bronzers that gives the illusion of well-sculpted cheekbones.
  • Highlight the apples of the cheek only. Unless you're planning to look tan, don't put bronzers all around your cheek! Remember, highlight the parts you want to emphasize and shade the areas you want to hide.
  • The blush shades Blush Baby and Melba are beautiful on Filipina skin.


 From Top to Bottom: Viva Glam 1, Viva Glam Rihanna & Russian Red. My camera didn't do the colors much justice.
  • Bold eyes can be paired with bold lips as long as the colors compliment each other.
  • Highlight the Cupid's Bow and the side of your lips to make them appear more plump.
  • Ruby Woo is their one of their best selling red lipstick ever.
  • Kinda Sexy is a new matte shade that is not very nude and not very pink at the same time. It's great worn alone or paired to tone down bold colored lipsticks. Frances highly recommends this universally flattering shade.
  • Their lip brush which is the 106 is highly recommended if you're into blending two lipstick shades together.

Rocking MAC Heroine with my friends! Still on the lookout for something similar to MAC Riri Talk That Talk. *sigh*

I'm glad I learned a thing or two from my visit to MAC. I'm sorry it took me a while to post new things here. I recently started working full time so I had to learn effective time management skills. Lol. I promise I'll still keep this blog very much alive than it was before.

Anyway, for those who are interested in their workshops do visit their stores to learn more! I'll keep you guys posted if they have these workshops in the future. TGIF! Hope you guys enjoy the start of this wonderful weekend!
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