Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Zomato Foodie Meetup at Dairy Queen Gateway

Last weekend I had an appointment with my dentist and it sucks big time because I can't munch on any hard candies at all! Luckilyyyyy, my sugary cravings was fulfilled as I was invited by Elaine to a Dairy Queen nearby!
It was timely because a hot girl like me needs to cool down for a while. Just kidding!

Dairy Queen may have evolved from being just a frozen treat kiosk to a world-class brand, but it will always be the place for everyone to take time out to enjoy the best soft-serve treats. There I finally got to try out their Ice Cream Cakes and their newest Blizzard of the Month!


From L-R: Oreo Blizzard Ice Cream Cake and Strawberry Kitkat Blizzard Ice Cream Cake both reasonably priced at P749 each. Not bad as these are 8 inches big.

 Strawberry Kitkat Blizzard Ice Cream Cake (P749)
For me, this one tastes like a combination of Chocolate cake smothered in sweet Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream topped with Chocolate Kitkats, pink icing and candy sprinkles.

 Oreo Blizzard Ice Cream Cake (P749)
It was just like the Strawberry Kitkat Blizzard Ice Cream Cake but instead of the Strawberry for the top layer, this one had Cookies N' Cream Ice Cream. I've also noticed that this one had a little more texture than the Kitkat Ice Cream Cake because the middle layer was made of crunchy melts-in-your-mouth Chocolate bits. The whole thing looks really cute as it was topped with pink and white icing along with soft Oreo cookies.


 Every month DQ comes up with new flavors for their Blizzards which they call "Blizzard of the Month." Blizzards are basically your soft-serve ice cream blended with mix-in ingredients such as sundae toppings and or pieces of cookies, brownies, or candy. The soft-serve ice cream is so rich and thick that they'll serve it to you upside down! For this month their Blizzard of the Month is the famous Italian wafer, the Loacker.

I didn't know until now that it was pronounced as "lo-wah-ker" not "low-ker."
I guess you learn new things everyday!

Just like their regular Blizzards these comes in four sizes:
Mini (P59), Regular (P79), Medium (P99) and Large (P119).

Available in three different flavors, here's what the Loacker Blizzard looks like...

Strawberry Loacker Blizzard

Chocolate Loacker Blizzard

Vanilla Loacker Blizzard

My verdict? Of all the three I personally recommend the Vanilla Loacker Blizzard because it highlights the lovely hazelnut flavor of the Loacker thus you'll appreciate it more because the flavors compliment each other. My second choice would be the Strawberry Loacker Blizzard because of the texture of the strawberry and then the Chocolate Loacker Blizzard. I don't know if it's just me, but I find the Chocolate Loacker Blizzard a little bit overwhelming for my taste. If you're a chocoholic whose into an overload of chocolate maybe you'll like that. 

 Another thing that I like it the texture of the Loacker in the ice cream. It is just right and isn't too hard, imagine the texture of most cookies and cream ice cream... that soft.


A DQ Classic! Soft serve with a delicious coating of melts in your mouth chocolate.
I also got to bring home a box of Dilly Bars for the family! My first encounter with this was way way back at a UP Fair. People would really line up for these things and most of the time it got sold out along with my favorite the DQ Sandwich!

With fellow bloggers posing with DQ Endorsers Bianca Guidotti, Yvethe Santiago and MJ Lastimosa. Lol

For more information on their delightful frozen treats, follow them on their social media accounts:
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