Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hair Diaries: Basic Hair Extensions Guide

Summer 2014 is hot as ever! Could you imagine not even going out of the shower and you're already sweating??
 It's crazy! I know a lot of ladies here already chopped off their long luscious locks this season.
Even I am really really tempted pick up that pair of scissors and take off a few chunks of my vavavoom curls as well.

What's stopping me? Other than short hair doesn't really suit my face shape it's also my "security blanket." I use my thick mane to cover up if I have too much cleavage going on or didn't shave (okay TMI).
However, I'm pretty sure that I'd chop them off soon at some point when I'd get tired of this hairstyle.

But for those who already did, have you ever regretted it or at least wished your hair was longer or thicker for that special occasion? It may be your own birthday celebration, a wedding of a friend or a corporate party that you want to dress to impress more than the usual. But much to your dismay, your hair has not grown long or thick enough to be heat-styled, colored, permed, straightened or trimmed the way you wanted to.

Ever want to experiment with different hairstyles? The solution is not waiting for several months to grow your hair! The easiest way to have longer, fuller hair is to get human hair extensions. Trust me, I'm no stranger to hair extensions as I have tried a lot of them in the past. Sometimes even clip-on bangs when I get too wild with the scissors.

Sharing with you is a complete guide that I got from Flaired Hair Extensions on how to finally have that longer, fuller hair. For those of you considering getting hair extensions, here are some helpful tips that could help you decide which to get!

1. Choose your hair

There are three types of hair used for hair extensions: synthetic hair, animal hair, and human hair.

Synthetic hair is made of colored plastic strands which make for good wigs. Only certain types of synthetic hair can only withstand a certain heat before it burns out. Personally I have tried this and this one tends to matt easily if not properly maintained.

Animal hair is much coarser and thicker than human hair so it is not advisable to use for finer or thinner hair (also, it’s quite icky!) 

The best hair type is of course human hair especially if you want a natural look or a seamless blend between your hair and the extensions. Human hair allows you to treat the extensions like you own – you can heat style, color, perm, straighten or trim it to your taste.

2. Choose your hair extensions attachment

You can braid, glue, sew, press and clip hair extensions to your hair or scalp in order for it to stay. One of the common ways to attach hair extensions is via snipping in micro-rings with hair strands, however, it can be uncomfortable as you have to adjust the way you wash and brush your hair. 

One of the easiest and fastest attachment method is via one piece clip-on hair extensions. It allows you to quickly wear or remove hair extensions in a snap and by yourself, without need of extra tools. What differentiates “one piece” from multi-piece clip-ons is that you don’t need to put too many clips on your scalp – just one piece gives you a full head look.

3. Choose your hair extensions thickness

Once you have chosen to buy hair extensions, you may be faced with two choices – double drawn or single drawn hair extensions? Single drawn hair extensions typically have a V-shaped quality because most of the hair strands do not reach their prescribed length. For example, if you order 20 inches of hair extensions, only about 10% of those strands actually reach 20 inches and the rest are much shorter. On the other hand, double drawn hair undergoes a second process of selection where shorter hairs are removed by hand so that it has a solid length from root to tip.

That’s the basic information you need before getting your own hair extensions! Once you know these about hair types, attachment types and the difference between single and double drawn hair, you will be more apt to inquire with your provider on what products best fit your fashion and lifestyle.

Hair extensions are how celebrities and models can afford to have their natural short ‘do one day and glamorous longer locks the next. It’s no longer a secret that hair extensions make for a great beauty enhancer. Be sure to keep this guide on hand the moment you decide to avail of your own hair extensions!

For more information about Flaired Hair Extensions, you may visit their Facebook page via or follow them on Instagram via @flairedhairextensions.
With only PHP 3500, you can already have your 20 inches of full head, double drawn human hair extensions for longer, fuller hair just like your own.


About Flaired Hair Extensions:
Flaired Hair Extensions is a Filipino brand of hair extensions that offer human hair in one-piece clip-on format, which makes getting longer and fuller hair easier. Our products include human hair extensions (PHP 3,500 for 20 inches and PHP4,500 for 26 inches, free shipping) and human hair bangs (PHP1,000, free shipping). Some of our celebrity clients are Anne Curtis, Cristine Reyes and Kim Chiu. Flaired has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and the ABS-CBN News Channel.


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