Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Relaxation Time at Bacer Wellness Spa

The first few weeks of March came off as a surprise to me. I've been getting freelance projects from random friends and I'm enjoying every bit of it. Yes, it's a bit challenging at first. But that's how you learn! Stepping out of your comfort-zone will help you grow.

One of the most exciting freelance project that I'm handling right now is I'm rendering illustrations for a children's book for kids with Down Syndrome. It's very interesting and I can't wait for it to come out!

However, doing the illustrations means sitting long hours in front of the laptop. Sometimes sitting all day takes a toll on my body. There are instances that I've experienced spraining my hand and sharp back pains because I forget to take my breaks in between!

Last March 13, I find it timely that I got invited to experience the newest spa near us! BACER Wellness Spa means "HOME" where you'll feel most cozy for a relaxation session. They offer the best rejuvenating and calming massage to soothe your senses after a long and stressful day at work. It's so near us since it's just one jeep ride from EDSA. The "HOME" address is 100K Tower, No. 100 Kamias Road, 2nd Floor, 1102. Quezon City. Open from 4pm until 4am.

At BACER Wellness Spa you can have it your way. You could choose whether you want a male or female therapist to conduct the massage. Regardless of who you choose, it is rest assured that all of their therapists are certified and licensed to pamper and treat you like the VIP that you are. During my stay at the spa, I felt really special since they were very accommodating and they'll make sure that your preferences are custom-fit to match your massage!

The locker room near the massage rooms

One of their massage rooms

The lavatory

Here's the thing, being an impulsive person that I am. I went there on my ~red week~. I know, it's not advisable but I'm just weird like that. I went there and told my therapist Lani that I want a very hard massage. However, they do not recommend that I get one since it will stimulate my blood flow much further. I know, TMI... So I ended up getting a Combination Massage that involves more of stretching and a gentle "hilot". At first I thought it was really boring since I'm used to enjoying deep pressure massages. Surprisingly, I also enjoyed every bit of it. Especially when I got my shoulder blades massaged and when I got my arms stretched out. It's so good that I completely forgot I was feeling awkward that I was there topless. Lol

I'd like to think that everything I spend to get my body in the best condition possible is a good investment. Since this is the only body I got, I should take care of it whenever I can. Splurge a little, smile for a while. Relax your mind, rejuvenate your body and pamper your soul... Remember, a positive outlook in life will also attract positive things!

To know more about their affordable promo packages, opening discounts and other services like their Facebook Page at http://facebook.com/BacerWellnessSpa


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