Thursday, September 24, 2015

Laugh Theraphy: Comedy Cartel

As they all say, laughter is the best medicine. Changing your personal routines is a little bit stressful but rewarding. I realized that all I needed was just a good laugh. Last Friday, I got a random message from my closest blogger friend Alice asking me if I want to watch Comedy Cartel perform at the Scoozi Bar in Tiara Oriental Hotel Makati. Since it's a Friday night and we haven't saw each other for ages, it can't be helped but to tag along even at the last minute. 

Something I didn't regret doing because I love the kind of humor that Comedy Cartel's comedians had to offer. Believe me, I've visited some comedy bars before and their humor was not my cup of tea. I don't know if it's just me but sometimes I just don't find it hilarious when your material consists of embarrassing other people by pointing out their flaws or belittling others. I'm not a hater but I just prefer watching Tim Tayag over Vice Ganda on any day. Nothing personal.

According to their site, Comedy Cartel is a group of professional comic artists whose aim is to expand and master the art of comedy beyond the usual definitions through the practice of the classic monologue form of standup and through sketch comedy.

There was never a dull moment as we are delightfully entertained by Chip Balbuena, Rene Cruz Jr, Sherwin Cunanan, Carlo Del Prado and Michelle Defensor.

The host for that evening is the very energetic, Rene Cruz Jr.

The very special guest, Dr. Marcelo Bong Ramirez of Jab House of Zen
shared some practical love advice that everyone could surely relate to.

The beautiful Michelle Defensor ranting about her first world problems. Lol

International Standup Comedian Carlo del Prado

Cool guy Sherwin Cunanan and his traffic jokes.

JackTv Komikazee and Laugh and Stack Comedy Champion, Chip Balbuena.

Other than the people of Comedy Cartel and Dr. Bong... I also got to hang out with bloggers Cyrene, Nikki and Roxie. You'll never guess where we went to after! Hahahaha. I wish I could spill the beans!

Here's a teaser if you're wondering what you're missing out on.

I purposely didn't upload some parts so that you'll be forced watch them live. Kidding.


Want to know if they're going to have a show nearby your area?

Check out Comedy Cartel on their social media accounts:


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  1. I would love to spend a Friday night with this bunch. We all need a little laugh especially with the way our country is going right now. Thanks for the links. :)


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