Saturday, September 12, 2015

Affairs of the Heart

Winning streak no more. We can’t always be on a winning streak, sometimes we’re faced in situations where it’s just not our day, and worse it can be a week, or a month but one thing is for sure, tough times never lasts but tough people do. Sometimes, just so we cope up on days like these we resort to stress eating which is totally understandable at times, but when it becomes a habit, it can be a dangerous cycle, it can harm our body, especially the functions of your heart. 

So how do you get your heart into tip top condition? Here are some helpful tips..

1.) Reduce Stress - Stress raises the blood pressure, heart rate and levels of the stress hormones cortisol. Limit yourself from the news cycle and your email. Disconnect from at work when you're at home.

2.) Focus on a Healthy Diet - Studies have shown that carrying too much weight raises blood pressure, affect blood lipids that does damage to the heart. You don't have to be super-thin, just focus on the calories you intake and the calories you burn.

3.) Keep It Moving - Whether it's zumba or jogging, do whatever gets your body moving! Raising your heart rate burns some serious calories. A new study from Australia found out that sitting for long periods shorten your life regardless of your body weight.

4.) Lower Blood Viscosity - Soft Gel Capsules like ATC Coenzyme Q10 is great for the heart as it improves the hearts ability to pump more blood and lowers the viscosity of blood, making it even easier for the heart to function normally. Don’t wait for a heart attack, always keep in mind that you are what you eat, take ATC Coenzyme Q10 for a healthier heart!


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