Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August 2015 Beauty Empties

A few months after graduation, I just realized how frustrating it is to deal with quarterlife crisis! What more if I hit my 50's?? My quick hiatus was spent everyday consisting of questioning myself about the future and figuring out what I wanted for myself. Worrying too much about the future is very unproductive and distracting when not done right. So finally I'm back to share some of my experiences with these products! Hello productivity!

I may or may not have given some updates on certain products that I've promised to review since they are indeed a handful. However, these are some of the products I do have tried and tested to the point of emptying the whole product, some even repurchased. Armed with full honesty, here are my product empties for the month of August. Hope you guys could check it out!

From L-R: Clean and Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Wash, Hortaleza Professional Hair Cuticle Coat, Human Nature Hand Sanitizer Sugarcane and Watermelon and Chap Ice Beeswax Lip Balm

1.) Clean and Clear Essentials Foaming Wash - It does a good job for a cheap facial wash since you'll only need a little to lather up the entire face. I didn't get any breakouts from this product, however I find it a bit harsh as tends to dry my skin a little.

2.) Hortaleza Professional Hair Cuticle Coat - I love this! I even lost track on how much of this my hair literally consumed. I recommend this to every girl out they with "buhaghag" hair problems as it tames even the wildest ones (like mine) with ease.

3.) Human Nature Hand Sanitizer Sugarcane and Watermelon - Before anything else, I believe this is one of their original hand sanitizers in the market during the Multiply days. I know because I used to sell Human Nature products on my online shop as well. This hand sanitizer smells more like sugarcane than watermelon. It's very handy and I like how it's organic and very handy to bring along. It is non-sticky and it keeps my hands clean without drying them. However, I don't think they sell this anymore since this is already phased out. Oh well.

4.) OraLabs Chap Ice Beeswax Lip Balm - Wanna bee kissable? Here's something I got for only P88 a pair! This lip balm leaves the lips moisturized with a hint of minty cooling effect that would keep most girls swiping for more!

From L-R: Celeteque Suncare Facial Moisturizer w/ SPF 15 and Vaseline Healthy White Triple Whitening Lotion w/ SPF 24

5.) Celeteque Suncare Facial Moisturizer w/ SPF 15 - Have you ever gotten a product that you like so much to the extent of squeezing the bottle to death just so you could get the last drops? I did. So I got a sample sized version of this in matte and it convinced me to buy one in full size. My sister recommended I get this instead of the matte one because it's more spreadable and it feels very light on the skin. Plus, I never had any skin breakouts with Celeteque. EVER. I love this and I'll get a new one ASAP!

6.) Vaseline Healthy White Triple Whitening Lotion w/ SPF 24 - A friend who loves to rave about this lotion claims that this one made her skin more "evenly toned" convinced me to buy one of this. I'll be honest, I haven't seen much difference in terms of whitening or what. The only thing I like about this is it doesn't feel sticky and it smells good.

From L-R: VS Romantic Wish Fragrance Mist, VS Island Breeze Fragrance Mist, VS Vanilla Lace Fragrance Mist and Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Scrumptious Body Spritz in Nectarine Ginger Tea

7.) Victoria's Secret Romantic Wish Fragrance Mist - It claims to be pomegranate, freesia and cucumber blossom but it smells more like watermelon. It smells light and perfect for those summer days. I'm not too crazy about it but our youngest sister seems to love it.

8.) Victoria's Secret Island Breeze Fragrance Mist - MY FAVORITE EVER! It smells like a refreshing cool Pinacolada! It's light and not too overwhelming. Everyone seems to love this, EVEN THE BOYS. For me I think it's a less sweeter relative of Island Waters. And I think that it's SO SAD IT'S LIMITED EDITION. Should've hoarded way way back.

9.) Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace Fragrance Mist - It doesn't smell like your typical sugary vanilla fragrance… IT SMELLS LIKE MARSHMALLOWS. That's pretty much it. Who doesn't love marshmallows?? Right? 

10.) Snoe Body Ritual Recipes Scrumptious Body Spritz in Nectarine Ginger Tea - This one I find interesting, most people can't seem to agree what this is. Ranging from comments like "It smells like candy" to "It smells like air freshener" is something I find weird. Something unanimous about it is all of them love it. Most people would even ask where I got this and thought it would be a good "signature" scent for them. Plus points also for the long staying power since I don't have to spray as much. Must repurchase!

There you go! A quick rundown on some quality products I have tried till the last drop!
Hope you guys could check out my next batch of empties soon!

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  1. Hi there, I know exactly what you mean about the quarterlife crisis! I just graduated law school and moved in with my boyfriend and now I'm on the hunt for my perfect job. I feel like I'm just worrying about the future despite the fact that I'm doing the best I can. To fill up some time I got back into my blog and am feeling so much better. Everything works out in the end and we all move forward.

    1. Thanks for the comforting words, Nikki! I agree with you. Sometimes you do have to wonder though if your goals are for yourself or you're just trying to please society. Here's something I got from the internet: "Nothing will ruin your 20s more than thinking you should have your life together already!" Something to think about..


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