Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tokidoki x The Block Launch

I remembered years back when I used to watch ANTM cycle 5, I was always rooting for Jayla Rubinelli especially when she was in the final 4. Being the crazy fan that I am, I followed her on every social site possible. And I've noticed how cute her shirt and customized background theme on Myspace was. I've done a little research and found out about tokidoki.
And the rest is history...

Sadly, it wasn't very easy for me to find tokidoki merchandises because ordering on their website means I need Paypal and a little extra money for the shipping. On top of that, there were fakes everywhere which is something you have to be cautious of when you're buying these collectibles.

Fast forward to April 25, 2014... I checked out my FB newsfeed only to find out on the same day that tokidoki is having a collaboration with The Block for their launch! Believe it or not, I've dropped everything I'm doing (even skipped a bath) just to make it on time. It's not everyday that you get to meet the genius behind tokidoki, Simone Legno. Yes, I crashed the event and it's worth it.

So I patiently lined up along with other tokidoki fans who were really hardcore fans. The girl in front of me had a tokidoki tattoo on her back. I wish I took a picture of it without looking like a pervert. She was really cool. The production team was even joking that "she brought along her house" because she had a lot of things queued for Simone's autograph.

I'm also surprised to see Ashley Gosiengfiao in front of us who also had a bunch of things purchased from the pop-up store which is only available until June. Knowing that it won't last there for too long, I purchased what my measly allowance could buy.

Here's what I got...

tokidoki Classic Frenzies: Blind Box

I got Mozzarella from the Moofia Collection. Not really my favorite but if I were to choose from the Moofia I'd probably get Latte instead or Bastardino from the Cactus Friends. I love how they provide different ways on how to use this as an accessory. This retails for P300 a box, same with the Cactus Kitties Blind Box while the Unicorno Blind Box is a little pricier at P350 each. 

tokidoki Phonezies: Blind Bag

I got Donutella from the Donutella Collection and everyone thinks she's so adorable. I want Donutino too, but I don't have an extra phone. Just kidding. I think this is the cutest phone plug one could ever have! People were saying "Hey, that's a little too steep for P200". Guess what? I don't care. Hahahaha. They'll never understand.

Last but not the least...

Simone Legno's Autograph

This is something I can't put a price on! It was so different seeing your idol in person. 
I suck at vectoring stuff.. I wish someday I'll be a great artist just like him! :D

There were other things for sale such as shirts, bags, stickers and stationaries but you have to check them out yourself! Anyway, I love this day. I think I could say that 2014 is already a good year. I'm a happy girl. 
Thank you Simone Legno for bring your awesome merchandise available for a limited time here in the Philippines! I'm still contemplating on whether I should hoard more stuff! XD


  1. Nice post!!!

  2. So sad... I don't know anything about Tokidoki. But they look cute. :)


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