Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Miss Philippines 2014 in a Beauty DIY with Mader Ricky

It was a fun-filled day as we beauty bloggers and Miss Philippines-Earth candidates got to learn how to achieve a stunning pageant make-up and quick hairstyling from the beauty expert himself, Mader Ricky!

These beautiful bloggers Sol, Sheena, Denise and Alice were there as well.

You might be wondering why teach these Miss Philippines-Earth some beauty DIY, right?
Contrary to popular belief, a day in the life of a beauty pageant contestant is not all glamour and fun. Believe it or not, these girls are always on-the-go hopping to the next venue to the next, packing suitcases, attending endless rehearsals with minimal rest and sleep. Always under the public eye, a beauty pageant candidate must always look her best even in case a professional makeup artist is not on hand to do their makeup.

Here's a quick rundown of some essential makeup tips and tricks we've learned from Mader Ricky to achieve that right look...

On Foundation:
  • Different age groups need different kinds of foundation. It is highly advised that younger people could use creme or cake foundation while older people with crusty skin would look better in liquid foundation because powder tends to emphasize flaky skin. 
  • The best foundation for stage makeup would be cake foundation as it lasts longer under hot lights. 
  • A healthy skin is a must. Clean face with sponge and water to remove oil residue before applying foundation.

On Contouring:
  • For a more natural contoured face, don't use bronzer so it wouldn't look "drawn-in". Apply a darker shade of foundation first then highlight features using a foundation that is one shade lighter. From the neck going up.
  • Blush should always be above the cheekbones otherwise you'll look "beaten-up".

On Eye Makeup:
  • Pageant makeup requires different eyebrow arching. Since most candidates are looked up upon, it is better to have your eyebrows arched straight up so they'll look more fierce.
  • For the eyeshadow, following the halo makes droopy eyes. It's best to add a winged tail so that the eyes wouldn't look "sad". Extend the eyes using eyeshadow by exceeding the eye area. Clean minor makeup messes by lightly patting a damp sponge on top.
  • Eyeshadow colors should depend on your skintone, not on your clothes. Morenas should go for earth tones and avoid silver. 
  • Don't use heavy mascara or false lashes during the morning. Heavy eyemakeup is best during night time. If you're having a hard time with your false lashes or mascara, use magic lashes by Ricky Reyes since it is said that eyelash extensions tends to balds your natural lashes.

Other tips:
  • You don't need more than five makeup brushes. All you need are essential brushes like lip brush, powder brush, blush brush, blending brush and eyeliner brush.
  • Red lipstick will make you look more mature. If you wanna look younger, settle for pink and coral shades of lipsticks.
  • Lastly, don't leave home without your make-up and stilettos!

To put those beauty tips and tricks that they've learned during this session, they held a mini hair and make-up competition for the girls. This will test them on how fast they have learned and acquired the skill of a professional beautician. The winner will get to score prizes from the Gandang Ricky Reyes Salon.

Some of the prizes that were up for grabs are these interesting beauty products...

Photo courtesy of Alice Mate

Receiving these are just very timely! I was about to buy a spoolie brush when I was presented with these complete set of brushes. Really cool. I am also really looking forward to trying these Magic Lashes because I've seen the demo on how Mader Ricky applied these and the results are just phenomenal! I'm not kidding! I'll gladly make a review about it just to prove how awesome it is. 

It is widely known that Carousel Productions' Miss Philippines-Earth pageant exists with an advocacy. The day's activity will not be complete without a visit to Childhaus, a temporary shelter for cancer-stricken children, which Mader Ricky founded and operates, along with numerous supporters headed by Mr. Hans Sy of SM Supermall. They are also set to visit St. Meritxel in Marikina, an orphanage that Mader Ricky also ably supports.

Photo courtesy of Sol Razo

At the end of the day, I think the most beautiful person in the room is Mader Ricky. It's one thing to be beautiful from the outside. Being a philanthropist, I find it awesome that he is also beautiful from the inside as well. I totally agree with Chico Garcia, Mader Ricky is one of the warmest people you'll ever meet. And I'm totally grateful for this day to have meet him personally. Thanks for having us around Mader Ricky!

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  1. Amazing event! Great pics, You was so beautiful!

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