Thursday, April 17, 2014

Random Review: Parisian Comfy Foldasoles

One thing I still cannot master up to now is the art of travelling light. I mean, how can you even manage to look stylish without sacrificing some bulk in your bag?

Here's where my great discovery kicks in. Foldable flats! You fold it up and you're good to go!

Read more below as I tell you more about these crazy cheap emergency flats!

I saw these Parisian Comfy Foldasole for only P299 per pair being sold at SM Department Stores and I know the idea isn't so foreign because Flipsters and Dr. Scholls might have thought of it first. But these ones are so affordable, even a cheapskate like me managed to buy two pairs.Yey for hoarding!

I first thought of getting one because a very petite girl like me just couldn't survive without a great pair of heels. Merely standing next to my taller friends makes me feel like a dwarf. Being vertically challenged sucks. Hahahahuhuhu.

Anyway, back to the flats. They're perfect for commuters like me who simply cannot wear heels all throughout the day. I'm wearing my beige ones now as I'm typing this whole thing because they are indeed comfy. Lol. And no, these are not the only colors they have. They also have these in yellow, red, purple and even snakeskins!

I have tried these for quite sometime, probably a few months of heavy duty walking to work (which is NOT the right way to use them) and I must say they're quite sturdy! I can't deny that it's going through some wear and tear but it's a well-known fact at our place that everything I wear gets destroyed in 1-2 uses because I have flat feet. It's a curse.

I love how they stitched it up inside and out to make it a little bit durable compared to Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats. Infact, mine are pretty much still intact. Just a few minor scratches underneath. However, I still suggest that you don't use them for "harabas" like me because they aren't really built for that heavy usage.

All in all, these Foldasoles are a great kikay investment for only P299. 
I assure you it won't bulk up your bag or put a dent on your wallet!


  1. Great review I need those to travel.

  2. These look nice! Does it hurt near the ankles? :) I bought 2 from CMG before but they caused me wounds. Now I'm happy with Yosi Samra. :D

    1. For me, they're really comfy as in no wounds at all. Just checked out Yosi Samra, they have really similar looking soles. Mas malapad lang ng onti sa Yosi Samra. Hehe

  3. Gonna check this one out! So affordable ah. :)


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