Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Choose the Right Kojic Acid Soap

So I've been reviewing a lot of good products in general lately and people are starting to wonder if I've ever encountered any terrifying product at all...

The answer is YES. I've encountered some products that I didn't like at all.
One of which is a Double Strength Kojic Acid Soap I bought at a local online shop in Multiply ages ago. I had no issues at all with the seller. But the product is something I couldn't recommend to everyone. Read more below to find out why..

One thing I've learned about working as intern in a beauty company is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has rules and regulations to approve on which products are advisable and not advisable to use. Most non-FDA approved products are deemed not safe to try. A perfect example of this is medicine made out of human fetus and whitening products tested for high mercury content. It's quite scary if you don't know about these things.

I wish I've learned about this earlier because the Double Strength Kojic Acid Soap I used is not even registered at the FDA. Since I don't have sensitive skin and I have a high pain tolerance, products that sting or end up peeling my skin isn't an issue. Hell, I even endured TCA peels in the past.

So I used this soap for a week like a normal person would, avoiding the sensitive parts of the face like the eyes and the lips. I was shocked, it was so harsh that it ended up burning some parts of my face. It really irritated my skin and made it itchy. My friends even kept asking me "Girl, what happened to your face!?"

I thought it was just normal macro peeling, but no! Even my lips kept on bleeding whenever it peels. It was so hard to smile. Huhu. It was something not even a great lip balm could save. I had to see a dermatologist after this just to get proper medication for my lips. She advised hydrocortisone cream to save it. It didn't work until I tried it along with petroleum jelly. A month after, my lips recovered and got back to normal. My derma also scolded me about my product misadventures. Lol

Lesson learned. NEVER shortchange your skin. When it comes to your skin care, why is it important to use only the original? Well, a cheap soap may end up costing you more in consultation fees and treatment.

If you're planning to try a kojic acid soap, I suggest you guys try Kojie.san. I remembered 2 weeks ago my orgmate Ash was raving about her new discovery that kojic soap even works wonders on the face. Coming from Japan, it's easy to conclude that their skincare products are definitely something good so you won't worry looking like me in my 3rd and 4th photo up there. Lol
    Anyway, I hope this post will help inform my readers to be careful whenever using fake or non-FDA approved products. Have a happy week ahead of you and stay beautiful!


    1. Very beautiful photos ;) Amazing eyes ;)

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    2. I'm always really interested in new skincare products, good info!! :)


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