Friday, April 25, 2014

The Mind Museum: The Apocalypse Project

Are you ready to become a defender of the future?

What are disappearing because of climate change? How do we adapt?
How can we train ourselves to think deeper about the future of the planet?

 the apocalypse project the mind musuem

The Mind Museum opens a special exhibition on April 25, Friday. 
This exhibit in particular will make you think about your relationship with the planet. It also tackles specific questions like: What are disappearing because of climate change? How do we adapt? How can we train ourselves to think deeper about the future of the planet? If you enjoyed my previous posts like "Cosmos" and "Why Should Pinoys Bother with Science?", you'll also love this one!


The Apocalypse Project: Imagined Futures is a speculative design exhibition that explores possible lifestyles as climate change continues to affect the planet. It is a creative platform that asks specific questions about our environmental futures. 

It aims to empower the public to embrace climate change as a personal challenge through the following exhibit areas:
  • T.E.M.P.S (The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store) presents: The Smell Bar of Vanishing Scents:
    a hypothetical perfumery set in the future that makes scents out of things that are disappearing as we know it in the present. Get to smell the ozonic freshness of coasts, which may be swallowed up due to rising sea levels!
  • Climate Change Couture: Volume 2, Manila:
    This highlights potential climate scenarios through fashion design. Check out how the Barong Tagalog can adapt to the fickle city weather! Or how about a terno that can double as a floatation device during floods?
  • The Fadelist: Tracks of Endangered Sounds:
    This showcases sounds that are disappearing because of climate change. Listen to the sounds of a koala bear... being drowned by the sounds of carbon-emitting vehicles.
  • The Climatoscope: Futurescapes of Planet Earth:
    This brings back the iconic Viewmaster from decades ago and allows guests to play with the nostalgic toy, this time with environmental images about Planet Earth.
  • The Planetary Poetry Board:
    This is an interactive activity where guests are invited to create their own spontaneous poem. Roll the dice, land on the prompt, and write the first thing that comes to mind. So, what would you like to tell a blade of grass?

This project is authored by artist Catherine Sarah Young. She began this as part of the 2013 Art Science Residency Programme in partnership with the ArtScience Museum™ at Marina Bay Sands, Tembusu College National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Singapore-ETH Centre’s Future Cities Laboratory. She is currently in Manila as the artist-in-residence of The Mind Museum expanding the project.

the apocalypse project

If you are available on opening day tomorrow, April 25, do join them for a special MISSION APOCALYPSE activity. To further enhance the exhibition experience, guests with tickets can go on a scavenger hunt mission throughout the museum’s exhibits. The first 500 participants to complete all tasks of the mission get an Apocalypse Badge as Commander of the Apocalypse, defender of the future.

How do we prepare for the uncertainties that climate change brings? We imagine it.

For more information on this event, check out their FB page at

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