Monday, April 28, 2014

Bone & Barrel Bistro Experience

My favorite day of the week is obviously Friday. And what better way to spend it is to go out with my favorite drinking buddy Alice and her quirky friend Janese! Alice and I had our share of cringe-worthy bar misadventures once, so we decided to go classy and chill at Bone and Barrel Bistro at Eastwood.

As I've mentioned earlier, Alice is one of my favorite drinking buddies. Not only is she the most entertaining person to hang out with but she also knows the best places to hang out! A few days before, she told me about her awesome discovery at Eastwood. Picture this.. flavored beers such as Salted Caramel and a lot more. Being a beer person myself, I was ready to go~!

Unlike some people, I'm not really a fan of drinking on an empty stomach. So before everything else we checked out their menu. I know what you're thinking, "What's so special about Bone and Barrel Bistro? " Well, if you're getting tired of the usual Filipino dishes this is something you must try. Most of the dishes in their menu are beefy goodness cooked in a fusion of Eastern and Western manner. Anyway, here's what we had for dinner...

Reuben Salad (P200)
Homemade corned beef and greens; probably Romaine lettuce, cucumbers and finely shredded potatoes and crunchy carrots that's tossed in raspberry dressing. This is healthier for those watching their diets because Romaine lettuce is more packed with fiber and vitamins compared to Iceberg lettuce thus no need to consume more.

Balut Pasta (P195)
This creamy pasta has sauteed fertilized duck eggs in crab roe along with 2 slices of buttered bread. I know you guys know how adventurous I am in terms of dining, but you'll be surprised that I have never eaten the duck embryos inside. Call me killjoy, but I just can't stand but feel guilty when I could see the chick! Nevertheless, the pasta is good. However, I wish I could taste the crab roe a little bit more.

Mignon Skewers (P295)
This appetizer consists of grilled cheese stuffed fillet mignon wrapped in bacon. If you are unfamiliar with mignon, it's the part of the beef next to the prized tenderloin so it's no surprise why it's a little pricey for an appetizer. I love the smokey taste of the mignon along with the lean bacon. I have yet to find someone who doesn't like bacon.

Nacho Tower (P245)
These are classic nachos tossed in mango cilantro salsa, chili con carne, jalapeno and mornay sauce. Nacho Tower is a great pulutan for 2-3 people. Alice highly recommends this and the hype is as good as it tastes. I know color psychology says purple is not an appetizing color but this is one of those rare exceptions.

Flavored Beer (P85)
These are my personal favorites for the night! We ordered Green Apple, Watermelon, Raspberry and Salted Caramel. If you have a friend that you want to introduce to beer, this is a refreshing start! Not only are they flavored as such, the aroma is spot on too! My favorite flavored beer here is Salted Caramel and I can't wait to try all of the flavors there! If you're planning to bring a lot of friends, I believe they have this available in a beer tower. Highly recommended. I love them!

And if you're up for a little dance, they have a second floor for that! Complete with talented DJs spinning some hits and funky laser lights for that crazy ambiance! No unnecessary entrance fee required. Totally awesome!

BBB, I shall return!
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