Sunday, February 23, 2014

BDJ Rendezvous: Start Smart with Belle de Jour

BDJ Rendezvous is an afternoon learning activity where speakers get to talk about fashion, career, beauty and etc. This is also an amazing event especially made for the BDJ community to make new friends and live through 2014 without regrets!

 This first BDJ Rendezvous for the year was held at Ace Water Spa Pasig last Feb 15. Coincidentally the same place where they had the first BDJ Rendezvous for 2013 (where I first attended my first BDJ event). And yes, surprisingly.. I'm not a BDJ veteran yet! :D

The host for this event is the very pretty model / blogger Janeena Chan. I first saw her when she cosplayed for Animax as one of the K-On cast along with Alodia, Ashley and Chienna.

To break the ice, we played lots of fun games and activities with cool prizes up for grabs!

Ofcourse, no BDJ Rendezvous is complete without new lessons to be learned..

Born To Be A Hero

The first talk was about being empowered to make better life decisions by One CORE's resource speaker and creative HR group facilitator, Daniella Morga. She explained to us the 5 aspects of life that we needed to balance so that we know from there how to set our goals in a SMART manner.

Wear On Repeat

The second talk was about making the most of your wardrobe so you wouldn't utter the words "I don't have something to wear!" on a daily basis. Fashion Editors Kabbie Alipio and Jacque Borja gave us essential styling tips for the frugal fashionistas. Some of the tips were more on investing in timeless basic pieces and putting your closet on rotation.

What To Do With Your Money!

The third talk was one of my favorites. Freelancer, Writer and Editor of the book "I Wish They Taught Money In High School", Katherine Tiuseco gave us a quick run down on how to manage your personal finances and make your money grow!

Luckily, we were able to purchase her 2-in-1 book for half the price of only P250! We also took the opportunity to get her autograph as well. It's not everyday you get to meet someone like her. 
During the book signing, I asked her if the book was inspired by Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. She answered "Yes, you should try playing cashflow too!". It was awesome because her book might provide me an idea on how to apply Kiyosaki's book on a Philippine setting. :D

The Secret To A Wonderbod

The fourth talk was by Senior Coach of 360 Fitness Club, Jose Gemora
Where he taught us how to lose the holiday weight the proper way. 

 He also explained different misconceptions about fitness and dieting such as:
  • To lose weight, do not eat! -- FALSE!
  • Do crunches to lose fat in the stomach area -- FALSE!
  • Steady state cardio will always help you lose weight -- FALSE!
  • You need a long workout -- FALSE!
  • Lifting weights will make you look bulky --FALSE!

With Arcee, Jose Gemora & Zhai

We also had our lunch covered by the BDJ team courtesy of Ace Water Spa. 

Very timely, because I forgot to take my breakfast at home! Ugh!

No event is complete without pictures to remind us of our BDJ memories! 
I'm glad Canon was there as the official imaging partner of BDJ. I've switched to Canon now and a lot of people have noticed that my photos here are a lot clearer than of those from 2013.

Skinfood was also got to showcase their quality products to everyone. 
I wish Maxine was here. She really likes Skinfood so much that she took my coupon with her. Lol

I had to admit, the BDJ team really spoiled us with this one! 
Imagine this, everyone gets a lootbag and a raffle prize!

From the lootbag...

From the raffle...

For the early birds:

 Laptop bags...

...filled with goodies inside.

But wait! There's more! A box filled with donuts courtesy of Mister Donuts!

Well, it was a half-dozen before I got home...

 Here's what I also won from the Goody game

I lost the Bingo game, but I got Helen's autograph. Lol

New and old faces in the community

Exactly a year ago, I didn't have friends to bring along during these events. 
Thank you BDJ team for letting me get to meet such wonderful people! :)


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