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Nailaholics Opens at Unimart Greenhills + Tips To Make Your Manicure & Pedicure Last Longer

I don't know about you girls but whenever I see a set of hands with a great manicure, the first thing that comes to mind is "I bet this girl has the luxury of time AND money!" Time because whether if it's done in a salon or DIY, not everyone can drop what they're doing to have their digits painted on. Money because a good manicure doesn't come cheap. As the phrase goes, "time is money". For me, having control of both leaves a good impression. Now that's letting your hands do the talking!

So earlier, my boyfriend's cousin Jam just got a mani-pedi amidst the upcoming storm. Worried that her foot got wet from the rain because of the possible germs that could get infected with. I told her, "What else should you get worried about other than leptospirosis?". Then she proceeds to tell me that you could get ingrown nails. Or worse -- hepatitis or HIV if the tools their used aren't properly cleaned and sanitized. Crazy right? That's why I don't like anyone touching my nails for that matter.

I'm very particular with my nails, I don't like my cuticles getting bled or merthiolate staining my tips. Seriously, I'd rather do my own nails than risk getting a botched mani from an unknown place.

Whenever I get my nails done, I'd prefer go to the experts. One of my favorite go-to salons that I really trust for my mani-pedis is Nailaholics. I've mentioned them previously on the blog and never have I been disappointed! Now here's a great news for its loyal customers in San Juan City, Nailaholics has just opened a new branch in the Mezzanine Level of Unimart Greenhills Shopping Center!

All of their branches' interior looks very pleasing to the eyes. The overall ambiance makes you feel as if you're enjoying a luxurious vacation at the beach. It's so relaxing that my nail technician, Jenelyn noticed I was struggling not to fall asleep! Hahahaha!

During the Grand Opening of Nailaholics, I got to indulge on their Vitamin Sea package which consists of a pampering manicure, pedicure and foot spa priced at around P690. Their services are great as always, I really felt like a queen that day. What I like about their nail technicians is how they make it a point to pay attention to their client's needs. They'll REALLY ask you first before doing anything. For instance; my nail technician Jenelyn asks my preferences on how I'd like my fingernails / toe nails to be shaped, how I won't get my toenails painted on (they're on a break) and even down to the pressure level of massage.

Here's how their Vitamin Sea package goes: 

First they'll soak your hands and feet in a warm bath to soften them up. Then they'll give your feet a quick buff to get rid of the dead skin cells to reveal a layer of fresh skin.

Your legs and feet will be also be treated to a revitalizing lemongrass scrub with a stress relieving massage after. When everything is done, they'll clean and shape your nails.

Now you could proceed to pick which brand and color of nail polish you'll like to be painted on your digits. All of the nail polish that they use are popular international brands like OPI, ORLY, China Glaze, Morgan Taylor and many more.

Here's my overdue manicure before going to Nailaholics

Here's how they look like after my manicure from Nailaholics

Most of which are known to be expensive and of high-quality so I never had to worry about my nail polish chipping soon. Mine even stayed too long that my friends have mistaken them for gel-polish. Insane!

Here's how they look like for almost more than a week. 
Take note: I even washed the dishes regularly at home without gloves on!

Want to prolong your manicure and pedicure the same way I did?

Here's some very helpful insider tips that I got from the pros at Nailaholics:

- Make sure your nails are moisturized before getting your manicure. Hydrated nail beds cause less nail breakage and chips.

- Always use a base coat before painting colour on. This protects your nails from staining and also acts as a great adhesive for the polish ensuring lasting colour.

- Apply thin coats of polish with every stroke. It dries quickly and doesn't cause bubbles.

- Wait a couple of minutes between each coat to make sure the nail polish adheres properly to its base.

- A horizontal swipe across the tip of your nails after your final coat, along the edge, seals the colour in and protects your nails against chipping.

- If you're rushing, dip your tips in ice cold water to harden the nail polish quicker.

- To extend the life (and shine) of your manicure, apply really thin coats of top coat every other day.

- Be sure to wear gloves while doing the dishes -- water expands the nail bed and causes nail polish to chip.

- Cuticle oil helps freshen up your manicure and moisturize your hand.

- Be careful when applying skin care products. Certain types can cause nail polish to dull and discolour like sunscreen and mosquito repellents.

PS: Now is the best time to get yours done! Who knows? It might just score you a trip to London! To know more about their Escape To London promo, read more on their mechanics here:

To get that first-hand relaxing experience, you can book your appointments at 0956-846-2352.

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