Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weens Cosmetics Philippines Launches QT Nail Magic Collection

I like wearing nail polish even if my nails aren't the ideal "canvas" when it comes to most nail art. I don't normally wear them before since I usually get my hands dirty when I was a Fine Arts student back then. Every time I do plates I always end up getting whatever gunk and goo on my hands so I figured it wasn't really practical to have my nails done in the first place. Another thing I don't like is when they also tend to leave annoying yellow stains that can't easily be removed by acetone. Ugh.

Luckily now, we have more choices in the market so we don't have to settle with cheap toxic nail polishes anymore. Last May 13, I got introduced to the QT Nail Magic Collection by Weens Cosmetics Philippines at Tra Vinh Authentic Vietnamese Noodles.

Weens Cosmetics is a local brand by Armadale Manufacturing Corp. that also carries different beauty products like nail polish, nail polish, colognes, skin care, hair care, bath / shower, baby care and medicated oil / balms.

What makes it so different is that this brand in particular is the first and only FDA approved brand that manufactures cruelty-free and vegan nail polish locally with the 5-Free Formula. The 5-Free Formula means it's free from the top 5 most harmful carcinogenic chemicals found on most nail polish brands.
Here's what you DON'T need in your nail polish:

- Toluene used as a solvent that can cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm. You can be exposed to it by breathing it in our putting it on your skin, which can cause skin irritations.

- Dibutyl Phtalate (DBP) keeps nail polish from chipping but it is linked to cancer, toxic to reproduction, and endocrine disruptive with links to obesity.

- Formaldehyde is commonly used to embalm bodies. It can trigger asthma and is also involved in causing cancer.

- Formaldehyde Resin is used to strengthen the nails. It's similar to Formaldehyde by less harmful. It can irritate the skin and can cause dermatitis.

- Camphor is a natural ingredient that can cause skin irritation and redness. Exposure in large doses, especially through inhalation can cause dizziness and headaches.

Most importantly, I love how they look on my nails! I doubt you won't find a single shade that you'll like since they are currently producing over 200 shades in their collections. Another thing to love about it is it's made from imported raw materials so you won't have to worry about anything when you paint your nails. Totally guilt-free.

One of their newest product line is the QT Nail Magic Collection. Armadale Manufacturing Corp. Founder Sir Micheal Ang told us that the entire line was inspired by the beautiful heavenly bodies.

Sir Micheal introducing the products at the Refashion Your Nails event

The QT Nail Magic Collection includes the Angel Dust, Callisto, Cosmic Sand, Galactica, Kaleidoscope, Moon Dust, Red Star and Voyager. All of which has that vibrant sparkly foil finish that can't simply go unnoticed.

Angel Dust

Angel Dust is a titanium silver shade that shimmers into a glitter foil effect.


Callisto is a rose gold shade with countless shimmer which magically cluster into a freshly foil effect.

Cosmic Sand

Cosmic Sand is a sparkly light silver shade with a sand-like look that shimmers into a foil finish.


Galactica is a mystical blue aquamarine shade with a shimmery glitter foil finish.


Kaleidoscope is a mixture of purple, grey, yellowish and silver glitter foils finish.

Moon Dust

Moon Dust is a teal color with a mix shade of magical foil finish. 

Red Star

Red Star is a red, pink and yellowish color in a glitter foil effect.


Voyager is a greenish-yellow shade in a glitter foil effect.

And it doesn't end there! They also have a wide variety of nail polish products other than QT Nail Color to cater for ladies with different preferences. For example, they have the EMMA Nail Varnish that is highly pigmented with has a luxurious glossy finish popular with the classy working girls and the Weens Nail Polish that has different colorful glitter toppers and other finishes perfect for the young nail art enthusiasts. All of which are available in Cash & Carry Supermarket, Gaisano Malls, KCC Malls, Makati Supermarket Alabang, Metro Dept. Stores, Prince Group of Companies, Sta. Lucia Dept. Store and Unimart.

As of now, I've personally tried and adored the QT Nail Magic in Moon Dust and the EMMA Nail Varnish in I Dare You. They're really gorgeous and they last long for someone who does the dishes on a daily basis. Lol. Simply put, the Weens Cosmetics Nail Polish is an inexpensive and guilt-free alternative to cheap and toxic nail polishes in the market.

To know more about Weens Cosmetics and their products, like their page on and follow them on their Instagram account at


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