Friday, May 6, 2016

Product Review: Swan Dance Kabuki Makeup Brush

Here's a fact: No one likes applying makeup with a scratchy sparse makeup brush. Ever.
Why? It won't help apply and blend your makeup in a seamlessly flawless manner if the bristles are too sparse. Chances are it will end up a looking bit streaky, so don't expect an "airbrushed" look with that application. In addition to that, it will be harder to pickup more product from the pan if the bristles aren't dense enough. And that's not very helpful at all. Isn't it?

For the longest time, I have been contemplating buying any ultra dense makeup brush that I could get my hands on. More specifically, I was eyeing every Oval Paddle Brush, Kabuki Brush and Mushroom Brush in the market. So happy to say that I've already crossed out one from my beauty wishlist.

What exactly is a Kabuki Makeup Brush? From what I've read, it's named after the Kabuki Japanese drama where actors wear Kesho, a very heavy theatrical makeup. The Kabuki brush is then used to apply the white rice powder uniformly on the entire face. Now, it's famously used to apply makeup on large surfaces of the face like foundation, finishing powder, highlighter, blush and many more. That's why it's a popular choice in every girls' kikay kit.

From L-R: Swan Dance Kabuki Makeup Brush vs. Paris Presents Powder Brush

A closer look of my scratchy Paris Presents Powder Brush

A closer look of my fluffy Swan Dance Kabuki Makeup Brush

Here's a side by side photo for comparison...

What I Like:
- The Kabuki brush is very dense and soft. It feels so light and it doesn't scratch the face. Everyone who got to touch this asked me if they could have it... they can't have it. Lol
- Standing at 2.25 inches, it's very compact and the size is convenient for travel. It's a multi-purpose product too so makeup application is a breeze.
- The bristles are made of Taklon, a synthetic nylon fiber. So it's more hygienic and less absorbent than animal hair.
- Since it's not made of animal hair, it's cruelty-free.
- And because it's made of Taklon, I could use it for powder AND liquid makeup applications.
- It lacks a cuticle so it can't trap makeup.
- So far, it doesn't tend to shed so easily.
- The brush is 2/3 white so I could easily see if it needs to be cleaned already.

What I Dislike:
- It's a bit pricier than the regular ones.

I got this Swan Dance Kabuki Makeup Brush from Beauty Shopper PH. It is an online shopping site for Meishoku, Girlactik Beauty, Chacott for Professionals and many more. Owned and operated by Swan Dance International Trading. To know more about their products, visit or follow their FB page at


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