Saturday, January 23, 2016

Contact Lens Review: Lenspop Bunny 3 Color Gray

One of the things I found out while I was conducting my thesis survey was regardless of the age, gender, social status and whatsoever. The first thing that people tend to look at first are the eyes.

For certain occasions that I want to look extra pretty or glammed up, I'd tend to work on the eye area as my focal point for my makeup. Just to make my eyes do the talking.

But if my eyes could talk, I think they will tell you how mesmerizing my latest pair from Klenspop are!
Introducing my CURRENT FAVORITE SO FAR --- The Bunny 3 Color Grey!

L-R: Front and back packaging

The contents of this box includes a pair of contact lens vials, contact lens case and plastic tweezers. I like the contact lens case included here because they're translucent so I could easily see which pair I wanna wear for the day. The tweezers are quite handy too, the tips are gentle enough to grasp the lenses without damaging them. 

The back of the box looks exactly like the part one of the manual, quite redundant. But the rest of the instruction manual is very informative and I recommend that everyone should read it not only to prolong the "lifespan" of your contact lens, but also to maintain your eyes in tip-top condition as well.

Front of the vials

Back of the vials

I got them in my grade because I just don't want to wear these with glasses on. It kinda defeats the purpose if I did. Look how pretty they are! I wouldn't hide these behind glasses!

LENSPOP Bunny 3 Color Gray

Origin: Korea
Lens Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%
Lifespan: 6 months
Prescription / Power: Plano to -6.00

Front and back design


Here's what they look like when worn:

Natural Light

With Flash

Indoor Light

Rating: 5/5 stars

Look how effortlessly stunning they are regardless of the lighting! What I totally love about the Bunny 3 Color Gray is the way that the tri-color pattern is printed to look like real irises. It doesn't look too flat since the outer and inner starburst adds some depth and dimension in to the eyes. Plus, they aren't too pigmented or opaque so it seemlessly blends easily with most eye colors! Heck, it even looks more natural than my previous favorite pair (GEO Tri-color Green)!


Rating: 4/5 stars

Here's the interesting thing about them. They won't appear the same way on everyone because they're a bit translucent. Thus, your natural eye color will affect how vibrant they'll show up. My irises are the darkest that one could ever have so I'm a bit surprised that there's visible color change especially when I'm outdoors. They certainly don't scream out, "I'm wearing grey contacts!"


Canis Brown and Lenspop Bunny 3 Color Gray for limbal ring comparison

Rating: 1/5 stars

14.5mm lenses don't automatically equates to bigger irises. I will be honest, if you're looking for lenses that will give you a "dolly" effect... this is not it. First, you shouldn't expect much enlargement from these is because the limbal ring is too thin. Second, if you could see my photos from way up, my real irises are slightly peeking out from the lenses. To be fair though, the graphic diameter is only 13.3mm. Pretty small from most lenses that I've encountered. I wish they could've extended the print almost all the way to the end.


Rating: 3/5 stars

Personally, I find most 14.5mm lenses dry out easily than regular sized ones. But that's just me. 
A good soak from my Opti-Free solution usually does the trick. I've already finished up that one on the photo. So far, I haven't experienced any major discomforts from this. I just don't recommend daily over extended use.


Wearing these makes me feel like I am blessed with natural grey eyes! Due to the design and size they don't look fake. What I also like about this is even though it's tri-colored... it still looks grey. The yellow inner starburst doesn't seem to mess up how it should supposed to look. Saying that I love them is so underrated. I am officially hailing these as the best grey lenses that I've ever tried to date! 

To end this post, here's some other photos to celebrate how gorgeous they are!

Want to find your own perfect pair? Follow Klenspop, the leading company of circle lens and cosmetic lens in South Korea. I've heard they have an ongoing "First Test Lens Sale" where you have the opportunity to test the lens you want before ordering! Prices go for as low as $3 to $5 each. Don't miss out!!


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