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Product Review: Magic Potions White Allure Line

As I was doing my regular makeup routine, I was surprised to find out that I've already finished another concealing stick again. It was a bit annoying because as I've recalled I just got my Fashion 21 Perfect Stick a few months ago. I don't usually put much stuff on my face when I had clear skin.

And then it hit me, why focus too much on concealing my skin problems... when I could just focus on a better skincare routine instead? Right? As I've remembered most makeup artist would tell us that your face is a canvas, if it's not primed well then your "masterpiece" wouldn't look as smooth as you want it to be.

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As for me, I went on a search to find something that will improve my skin condition. Having too much dark spots on the face takes up time to conceal and is also pricey in the long run. Not cool.

For more than a month I strictly followed everything on the instructions and gave it time to work its "magic." As a beauty blogger, you can't just take photos of the products and call it a day. The best way to review it is to actually use the products for at least a month to do it some justice. I mean, how could you actually experience the full potential of the product if you just used it once? 

Before anything else, don't forget to do a skin test when testing out new products. It is advisable to first apply a small amount of the product at the back of the hand or forearm leaving it for 10 to 15 minutes. If no redness, swelling and itchiness occurred, you can use them as you please!

Here's what I got from Magic Potions last December...

White Allure Anti-aging Gold Bar Soap

White Allure 10 in 1 Gold Bar Soap (P100 for 90g)

White Allure 10 in 1 Gold Bar Soap is basically your multi-tasking soap in terms of whitening and anti-aging. It is enriched with papaya enzyme, vitamin C and E and collagen that helps boost skin rejuvenation, aids in reduction of fine lines and deeply moisturizes dull skin tone, making your skin radiant and healthy! It also contains a complex whitening active formula that helps minimize age spots, lighten pimple and acne marks and evens out skin tone. It is recommended to be used daily to whiten skin evenly while reviving its suppleness.

Of all the beauty soaps I've tried, this might be the prettiest one I've seen to date. I believe that it looks better in person. I love how translucent and shiny it looks. The gold speckles are cute so I had a hard time convincing myself to use this. Using this was easy despite the fact that it didn't lather that much. That's probably good because it doesn't have SLS in it.

What I do like about this is I saw results instantly. On the first week of using it, I didn't expect that it would easily tighten my skin. I saw my large pores noticeably shrunk in size. On the second week my skin experienced a bit of a micropeeling effect. However, I did find it too drying on my skin. Just like most whitening soaps are. Another thing I like about it is how effective it is when cleansing the face. A little goes a long way as it made my face instantly squeaky clean in between washes.

White Allure Age Defying Day and Night Serum

White Allure Age Defying Day and Night Serum (P850 for 30ml)

White Allure Age Day and Night Serum protects your skin by neutralizing environmental aggressors such as stress, pollution, and harsh temperature change. It promotes a lighter and whiter skin with improved skin texture and elasticity. It also fights free radicals that helps keep aging at bay. It promises remarkable result like lesser fine lines even with just a week of usage.

My experience with this serum was a bit bittersweet. I find the consistency of the serum light and non-sticky. It's very easy to apply, easily absorbed by the skin and can be used day and night. The packaging is hygienic, sturdy and easy to work with (I never had a problem dispensing the right amount.) So what's the issue? My face had a lot of pimple breakouts ever since I've been using this. I initially thought that this was just a simple "purging" stage, but it wasn't. As the weeks go by, I always had pimples growing out of my U-zone. Even my neck was not spared.

I knew this was the culprit because I tried using the soap and the scrub alone and it seemed to make the breakouts stop. I like everything about it, but it doesn't seem to like me. Not to discourage you from trying this out, maybe it's just my skin type that doesn't seem to work well with this product. To be fair, I'm giving this product a second try as I've seen good review from Lazada. Will have my mom test this out. I'll just edit this part for updates.

White Allure Microdermabrasion in a Jar with Argan Oil

White Allure Microdermabrasion in a Jar with Argan Oil (P250 for 50g)

The White Allure Microdermabrasion in a Jar with Argan Oil promises to give you a smooth glowing moisturized skin by exfoliating the skin without redness and swelling!

My favorite of the bunch! Think of it as your instant diamond peel at home. I love exfoliating my face weekly and this never fails to do the trick! I don't know where to start. I love how you'll only need a small amount because it's really concentrated with exfoliating beads. I think this will last you for months as you'll only get to use it once or twice a week. Sometimes, I get too addicted that I'd even go for thrice a week! After using this I instantly felt my face felt so smooth and it never dried me out. Gotta love Argan Oil! I wish this smells sweet like Argan Oil too. However, I do wish they'll find alternatives for the microbeads of this product in the long run.

Magic Potions is a trusted online beauty and wellness store since 2004. Magic Potions is famous for being a leading overall business distributor in the Philippines that has a variety of finest skin care products and health supplements made from the purest, highest-quality ingredients available. If you want to try the whole White Allure set for P1800, visit

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  1. I just bought the White Allure Age Defying Serum and have to say that its one of the best product ive used lately. My skin is looking lively and amazing!

    1. That's great to hear Ruby! Thanks for sharing your feedback! :)


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