Sunday, December 21, 2014

Melatonin Pills are LOVE

The last few days of the semester left my thesis buddies and I drained. We developed different habits in dealing with stress. Most of us got into binge eating. For me, drinking.... coffee and beer. I doubled my coffee intake just so I could stay awake and it really took a toll on my body clock. Fast forward to a few days after our thesis deliberations, we were a little bit confused. My friends and I haven't really got rid of our "habits" even after all was done!
Like we couldn't stop binge eating, drinking coffee and we were still up all night for no reason.

This was our "fresh look" taken a month into our thesis..

I was a little messed up with a minor case of insomnia as I was still able to stay up until 4am. It sucks. I figured if I were going to start the year right, I have to fix other things first. STARTING with my body clock. 

So this week I have my stock of melatonin pills handy! Sleepwell in particular. I've tried this way way back and I LOVE IT. Melatonin pills are awesome!! And no, I'm not addicted to it since melatonin is non-addicting and produced normally by the body to promote good quality sleep. I just really love how energetic you are when waking up and how effective it is in knocking you down!

Looks like operation: fix bedtime will commence this week. Can't wait to be an early bird again!!
And probably ruin my body clock again when hell week approaches next sem. Lol

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