Monday, December 8, 2014

Allison Harvard for Bioessence: A Top Model for the Top Choice

What would you do if you got invited by Bioessence to meet THE famous Allison Harvard upclose and in person? 

Uhmm.. This is just a standee.

What every other ANTM diehard fan would do of course! 

This meet and greet event was held at The Old Bonifacio Grille in Mandaluyong

Home of these appetizing finger foods and desserts! The Ham and Cheese Croquettes are heavenly!!

Little of you may know that Allison Harvard loves traveling in Asia so much that she's actually living here in the Philippines for exactly a year! She says she loves us Filipinos because we're very friendly, kind and motivated people. Some of the things here she's crazy about are mostly our desserts (like Halo-halo, Baguio Ube jams are to name a few) and some of our beautiful beaches in Marinduque.

If you're not as crazy as I am about her, here's a short background about her. She's an American model, artist, actress and internet celebrity (thanks to 4chan). She got her big break when she won as the runner-up for America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 and All-Stars. Not only does she look unique but her bubbly personality is very interesting as well. I'm actually glad that she isn't a total diva unlike some of our local celebrities. Ugh.

Growing up, Allison always believed that building your self worth and starting early to take care of yourself
As a top model, investing on your beauty is a must. Her philosophy is caring for yourself is the priority and constant self-improvement is very important. Having the same vision as Bioessence, she found a home that not only takes care of her beauty but also her wellness needs as well. For her, Bioessence is like a haven for relieving stress and getting your beauty fix without any hassle.

During the event, everyone was lucky to get to ask her anything under the sun.

Some of the interesting stuff she divulged were:

Q: How do you measure success?
A: Success is being productive and achieving things by yourself that you are personally proud of.

Q: How do you deal with your insecurities?
A: Focusing on what makes you happy and enjoying different activities other than your negative energies.

Q: Do you have a boyfriend? Is he Filipino?
A: I already have a boyfriend and no. He is not Filipino. He will visit the Philippines soon!

Q: What's your next upcoming project?
A: A clothing line with Bench where they'll feature my artworks.

-----My Crazy Question-----
Q: Where do you get your inspirations from your old paintings in DeviantArt? Is it inspired by blood?
A: They were inspired by my dreams. I have a fascination with blood but ANTM cut off some of my scenes on cam and made it look like I'm a vampire or something. They never got to air that I always wanted to be a forensic scientist.

Q: How do you take care of your skin and what's your typical skin care routine?
A: Keeping the skin moisturized and wearing sunscreen you're outside. Taking a break off makeup on some other days.

On top of that Allison enjoys her every visit to Bioessence and does so regularly. Her favorite treatment is the Oxygen Botanical Celebrity Facial that helps bring out her natural glow and protects her skin from all the stress of her daily routine.

Other than that, everyone got to experience some of their other products and services such as the:

 Pampering Massage
I didn't get to try this out because I was too distracted by the presence of Allison Harvard. Maybe next time.

Hand Paraffin Treatment
 Did you know that lactic acid build ups or "lamig" could also occur in your hands?
As an artist, it's very easy to strain and overwork your hands. Sounds wrong, but it is true. Anyway, It was my first time to try this out and it really does relaxes the hands. It was a new sensation for me and my hands felt a little bit smoother too.

Bioessence BIOLITE Professional Skin Care Line
Made with the innovative Japanese technology that improves the skin condition with Vitamin C and other ingredients.

For all the beauty and wellness enthusiasts out there, this is what Allison has to say "I would like to thank Dr. Emma for giving me a second home in the Philippines who takes good care of me and truly makes me feel a part of the family. For everyone who wants to know just how much Bioessence can give you a one of a kind pampering like you have never had before, feel free to visit them anytime. Bioessence is a one stop shop for pampering and rejuvenation. For all skin, slimming and spa needs, Bioessence is my top choice."

Other than those, they also have Stress Relief Back Massage (which I tried last month) and other services. I'll probably treat myself to Swedish Massage after my thesis deliberations. If you happened to be interested, drop them a call at 0918-8-BEAUTY or (02) 376-7106 so that they could recommend which services would best suit you and find out the most convenient branch near you.

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