Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On Sexual Harassment & Other Things

From my previous posts you all might have noticed I have been stressing out on my thesis.
I know it's wrong to talk about it my thesis as early as now because I wanted it to be a surprise to everyone but I'll give you all an idea.. It's about sexual harassment.

My thesis topic has always been close to my heart because it's an issue that I have experienced A LOT ever since I "bloomed". Regardless of what I wore, whether it be my ankle length school uniform or denim shorts... I'd still get cat calls. Growing up, it was something I never really understood.

I'm sure some of you might say "Cheer up, it's a compliment!" or "Ganyan kasi kapag maganda". Honestly, I don't think telling someone "Tara ganda, motel tayo!" nor touching someone without consent is a form of compliment. The same way appearing to look like you're "asking for it" justifies any person to engage in such behavior. I'd still like to believe think we're better than that.

The internet is a powerful tool for change and we're very lucky to grow up in a generation that information is very easy to access with just one click. Now here's where I'd like everyone to help me in my pursuit of creating an effective solution to address this social issue...If you have a minute or two to answer my survey questionnaire, I'd be really really grateful! Not only are you helping me in providing important data, but you are also helping me in my quest to fight sexual harassment that would be beneficial for the future generations to come. I'm counting on you!

And if by chance you've already answered this...
Thank you so much in taking part in this very important study!! I truly appreciate it!

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