Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stress Relief Back Massage at Bioessence Greenhills

It's only a month until my thesis defense and I've been trying my best to contain my stress that's already on its highest peak. Relieving myself of mental stress is relatively easy but sometimes you also have to deal with physical stress too. Something I find difficult to do because I can't massage myself! Hahahaha.

What's a stressed-out girl like me to do? Go to the spa!

Behold! The sanctuary of relaxation, Bioessence!

Bioessence has been around for 20 years and counting with 50 accessible outlets nationwide.
Initially, they were just offering basic skincare and slimming treatments but when clients started asking for more services while waiting to be attended... that's when they started to offer other services like body massages and spas.
"Total Wellness" as they call it, and the rest is history.

As I've entered their place at Greenhills inside Shoppesville,
I was welcomed by this wonderful arrangement of flowers and balloons!

The place is quite spacious and it just felt so comfortable to stay and unwind.

Sipping on their complimentary signature house blend tea, while confirming my reservation.

Now on the the massage!

The massage room that I had looks simple, yet regal. Apologies for the grainy photos as massage rooms are usually dark and only lighted up by this zen lamp over here. Then again, who would want to be massaged under bright lights anyway, right?

The elegant drapes inside the massage room

The massage bed... After I kind of messed it up. Hehe

This was taken before the massage. Apologies for the face, I had a long tiring day at the campus. 

Initially, I thought the Stress Relief Back Massage was just only for the back of your torso but it isn't. The 30 minute massage itself helps reduce lactic acid build ups or "lamig" in the muscles, everything on the back from head to toe would receive pleasurable sensations. As for the conscious-type, don't worry as they won't ask you to remove any piece of article and all since it is a dry massage.

 Here's a pampered and less stressed-out photo of me after the massage.

If you can't handle myotheraphy this one I personally recommend. Although I wish I had adjusted the massage pressure a little bit deeper, but that's just me since I love hard massages. 

One thing I like about this place is how accommodating and knowledgeable their staff are. I've found out from my wonderful masseuse that I still have tons of lactic build ups hiding on my shoulder blades! I've also learned from her that monthly massages along with a cup of hot tea would do the body good.

Other than their Stress Relief Back Massage, they also have Shiatsu, Swedish, Hot Stone and Urban Escape Massage. If you happened to be interested, drop them a call at 0918-8-BEAUTY or (02) 376-7106 so that they could recommend which services would best suit you and find out the most convenient branch near you.

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