Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bagnet Overload at Bagneto

Sometimes you'll be surprised how the underrated places are home to some of the great dishes I've tried.

I went to Z compound at a Friday night and I swore that I had to treat myself since I was doing good on my thesis so behold...

My first visit to Bagneto!

X-Men fans would find this really funny because the pig there is wearing a Magneto costume. Hahaha. 
Really cute! Can't wait to see the mascot!

Every meal is affordable and bagnet based. For those who aren't familiar with Bagnet, it's an Ilocano crispy pork belly. Imagine if Lechon Kawali and Chicharon had a kid. This would be it.

The place is relatively new as it just started four months ago, so they only have five meals at the moment. 
All of which are their own self-formulated experimented recipes with their own bagnet. I've heard from Sir Raz that they'll be offering three new dishes really soon. Something to look foward to are the Bagnetsilog, Tokwa't Bagnet and Bagnet with Laing. Bagnet with Laing sounds really great right now. Can't wait!


Bicol Express Bagnet (P129)
One of my personal favorites, I highly recommend this one. Don't be turned off that it would be as spicy as your regular bicol express, it's not. The spicyness is something that's tolerable and some might even opt to put hot sauce if it's not spicy enough for you.  I love how interesting are together since this is not the traditional sauce you usually pair with bagnet. 

Kare-Kare Bagnet (P129)
Kare-Kare is not a very easy dish to prepare and I'm glad the bagnet works well with it. I like how the Kare-Kare and the bagnet never tries to out-do the other. The flavors really do balance well to the point that you could still taste both of them. I was expecting that the meat would be soggy since it's in a sauce but it isn't. It's surprisingly crunchy, but not as crunchy as the Sisig Bagnet.

Binagoongan Bagnet (P129)
Prior to trying this out I am not a fan of binagoongan because I find it too salty and the tendancy is, I would consume so much rice in proportion to the viand. This one I great because it is not too salty like the regular binagoongan dishes that I've got to try in the past.

Sisig Bagnet (P129)
One of their best sellers, this dish is something you shouldn't ignore. I find it great because it's really crunchy plus it's not too fatty as your regular sisig. Perfect for pulutan! I wish they'd serve beer here too!

Bagnet (P109)
If you're not the adventurous type, there's always the classic bagnet. Nothing beats the classic. 
I kid you not, you will not get tired of eating this alone. I personally prefer mine paired with Sukang Iloko though.

If you're planning to drop by like us, do check them out ONLY at the Z compound at Malingap Street, East Teacher's Village since they don't have any other branches at the moment. 
They're open from 5 pm to 10 pm everyday except on Tuesdays. 

For more information about their awesome Bagnet dishes, like them on Facebook:

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