Thursday, September 23, 2010

Liar Game Final Stage

**Warning: May contain spoilers**
Just finished watching Liar Game Final Stage last night (the movie was not shown in our country, boohoo). And I must say, I REALLY LOVE IT! It's really worth the wait!
Though I think some people could not say the same thing if they haven't watched season 1 & 2. I mean, they really should watch it first because they wouldn't enjoy it as much as I did!

At first, I just watched liar game because I find Matsuda Shota very very hot & Erika Toda very very cute. But eventually, I did fell inlove with the storyline & such.

Also, Kichise Michiko was mytotal girl crush in the series!

The OST of Liar Game Final Stage (Stay/Love or Lies by Capsule) was not like the other OSTs of Liar Game. It was very upbeat and playful to listen to. Can't stop playing it in my iTunes right now! Grrrr.

And like the ending of season 1. I'm quite frustrated.


Because there's no effing kissing scene or love scene!!! Grrrrr
Why oh why?!?!?!

I hope there's a "Liar Game Final Stage 2" to resolve this! jk
I'm still thinking whether i'd read the manga as well.

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