Tuesday, January 30, 2018

5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

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Being the practical person that I am, I made it a priority to have all my beauty services done in the Philippines before migrating. Why? I knew for a fact that getting the most basic manicure/pedicure, haircut or facial would cost me more than what I usually pay for. Last December, I got myself an impulsive haircut (that only costs $2) at Team Sir George Salon - despite the fact that I'm trying to grow out my hair.

Having shorter hair is also practical, just imagine the time and money you get to save! However, I personally think that I look best with long bouncy curls. Mermaid locks are the bomb! In my case, waiting for my hair to grow out isn't the best option, especially if I'm indecisive with switching up my hairstyles on a regular basis.

The answer for this beauty dilemma? Hair extensions! Whether you'd like to clip them on or have a professional attach it for you, instant volume and length can always be achieved! Interested in getting your own?

Here are 5 things you need to consider before getting them:

1.) Material - Synthetic hair extensions are a great choice for some since it's more affordable for starters. However, it is not the most natural-looking one as it tends to shine differently as compared to human hair extensions. Another thing to love about human hair, some are heat resistant and can be styled into different looks.

2.) Color - It's a dead giveaway for others if your natural hair doesn't match with your hair extensions. Some human hair extensions can be colored and bleached into the desired shade BUT it's best to get them in the closest shade. Unless if you're going to fake an ombre then that's up to you!

3.) Application - If you're considering wearing them for a long time, you got to have sewn in weaves. These are great for active girls because you don't have to worry about them falling off! For the other ladies who don't want commitment, clip-on hair extensions are perfect! Just snap them on when you need it and take them off when you're done!

4.) Length / Volume - Keep in mind that hair extensions are just supplementary accessories for your hair. If you have a super short pixie cut, it won't look as seemless and would be tricky to blend with your faux hair. Always put into consideration your current hairstyle if it can hold these without looking too fake. My tip? If you're going for straight hair, get everything layered so they don't know where your real hair actually ends.

5.) Texture - Pin straight hair or luscious locks? Just like I've said earlier, synthetic hair is not heat resistant. Curling or straigthening your hair extension to match your own won't be possible. I think it would definitely look weird if the top of your hair is curly while the bottom part is super straight. It's more convinient to get them in the same texture of your natural hair so that preparing to wear them won't be a chore.

Planning to get one soon? Here's a suggestion: Divatress. Divatress has an amazing selection available at their website. Picture this -- thousands of wigs, hair extensions and hair care products from popular brands like the Vivica A. Fox Collection, to Indi Remi, Sensationnel, Batik and many more for your liking!

I love keeping my long lovely curls. If your hair type is similar to mine, a curly weave is the way to go!
Here are some of my personal favorites from their Wavy / Curly Category:

Mane Concept Trill Human Hair Weave - Body Wave 7 PCS (on sale at $69.95)

Outre Bundle Babe Unprocessed Human Hair Weave - Body (on sale at $39.95)

Outre Premium Collection Weave - Hawaiian Weave (on sale at $19.95)

What about you? If you could change hairstyles without inhibitions, what look would you go for?

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