Friday, November 17, 2017

Ragnarok Journey PH: Grand Launch Party

I've never thought this day would ever happen! If you've known me very well you already know that I'm a long time Ragnarok Online fan. I used to play ALOT starting from the beta days (probably before 2000) up until 2014. It became a huge chunk of my childhood memory and I've even got to know a lot of friends along the way. I could also vividly remember working part-time at our internet shop and saving up my allowance just so I could purchase top-up cards to play the game. That's how addicting it was!

Unfortunately, I can't play the newly launched Ragnarok Online now since my Macbook can't run the program. I know, it sucks. I don't even want to bother putting up Bootcamp or Parallels since it would likely slow down my laptop. 

However, last Sunday I had my prayers answered! I got to attend the Ragnarok Journey Grand Party hosted by Gravity Co. Ltd and ELITE Global Sourcing Inc. There's a new way to play this popular MMORPG without having to download and installing a client. Ragnarok Journey lets you play anytime, anywhere just by using a browser!

Gravity's COO - Mr. Yoshinori Kitamura with Ragnarok Online cosplayers

What's great about Ragnarok Journey?

  • One of the best features of this game is the Autoplay! Turn it on and your character goes on full auto mode - killing monsters and looting for easier grinding and levelling up!
  • You can choose a specialized class - such as a Mage or a Swordsman at level 10.
  • Same model used in the classic Ragnarok Online - you can accumulate new abilities by manually adding skill points, and unleash devastating attacks on a menagerie of colorful fantasy monsters.
  • Take quests from NPCs and enjoy daily rewards, just like the great MMORPGs.

Speaking of the Ragnarok Journey Grand Party.. I was there the whole day with my blogger friend Paula, who happens to be another Ragnarok addict too! We would feel so nostalgic whenever we'd hear them play the BGMs of various cities in the world of Rune Midgard.

There, we witnessed casual and hardcore gamers alike, enthusiasts, and long time Ragnarok fans from different parts of the country to gather and celebrate this much awaited event. These attendees got to participate in various programs where they can score awesome freebies, and exclusive Ragnarok Journey premium items. The best part? It's FREE!

The RO Journey Grand Party was hosted by popular TV hosts and GMA actors / talents Betong Sumaya and Arianne Bautista. It was also graced by famous personalities like BEKIMON, Alex Diaz, Shehyee and Ann Matteo.

Creative attendees also had the opportunity to act out their favorite in-game job class, NPC or monster for a day by participating in the cosplay competition. During the event, they got to showcase their skillfully made costumes and on-point moves.

Cosplay competition participant dressed up as a Kafra

Winners of the cosplay competition

On an unrelated note, here's what I look like when I got to cosplay a hunter with ELITE last Cosplay Mania 2017. It was a great experience coming out of my shell. Love it! :)

Plus, some of the lucky attendees got to bring home prizes from the raffle such as PC gaming peripherals by Red Dragon, an ASUS ROG laptop and a brand new Suzuki Raider with Ragnarok Journey designs on it! So jealous!

The fun doesn't end there! Gravity also brought another amazing treat for the crowd as we were wowed by the popular musical acts in the country like Gracenote and 6 Cyclemind. I'm a little bit frustrated though that no one did a cover of Kamikazee's classic song, Chiksilog. Hahaha!

DIT Royalties & Elyssa Dela Cruz


6 Cyclemind

Overall, this is one of the most memorable events that I got to attend. It's definitely worth braving the crazy ASEAN summit traffic with and I'm happy to see Gravity and ELITE working together to share more wonderful games for us to enjoy! I'll be trying this out soon, can't wait! Thanks Mommy Lariza and Ms. Jessica for having me over!

For more details and updates on the game, visit their social media accounts at


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