Wednesday, November 1, 2017

National Pampering Day 2017 at Nailaholics Gateway

As much as we've love to save and do our own mani-pedi, nothing is more relaxing than to have a professional do it for you. I always end up having to cut mine too short because I did them unevenly. Imagine how fulfilling it is to just sit back and enjoy having them filed to your ideal nail shape without any care in the world. The best part? I had my manicure done for FREE during the National Pampering Day at the top nail salon, Nailaholics!

Yup, I didn't let the transport strike and my dental appointment hold me down from missing out on this annual event!

Here's what went on this year during the 2nd National Pampering Day last October 17:

It was a total win-win situation as everyone who participated in the National Pampering Day can choose which partner organization they would like to support. Here's what we got to choose from along with their cause:

+ World Vision - help support the rehabilitation of Marawi City.
+ Save Philippine Seas - help protect our country's threatened marine and coastal resources.
+ The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) - help preventing animal cruelty and promoting the adoption of stray dogs and cats.

Thousands of stressed out Filipinos across the Philippines went in for a free pampering service of their choice (a soothing manicure, a calming foot spa or a relaxing foot massage) at all Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa branches nationwide. The branch I chose was in Gateway since it's the nearest one from my house. From what I've heard, it was a huge hit that there was already a line outside the salon prior to the start of the celebration.

One of the most beloved nail lacquer brand in the world, OPI has teamed up with Nailaholics for this huge celebration. Honestly speaking, I totally regretted choosing China Glaze over OPI because my complimentary manicure didn't look as amazing (compared to the one I got in Nailaholics Unimart) PLUS it chipped off easily the next day. I know, sad. However, on the upside.. I'm thankful I got Jen as my nail technician. She's really easy to talk to and did a good job on shaping my nails symmetrically.

- It's FREE, no purchase necessary!
- Guilt-free indulgence since you're also helping out for a cause.
- The trademark Nailaholics interior design is very cozy and relaxing. Great ambiance and totally instagrammable.
- Great customer service, everyone there is polite and easy to talk to (whether if it's their store manager or nail technician) they'll happily assist you with your needs.

- Due to the high demand of services with limited nail technicians available, there is a probability that  your nails won't be as perfect as you wanted it to be due to time constraints (10AM to 12NN only).
- China Glaze nail polish chips easily. My manicure barely lasted for a week despite avoiding house chores. Lol

All in all, the nature of this celebration isn't just about me and my nails. The celebration of National Pampering Day is Nailaholics' way of thanking their customers for all their support and patronage throughout the years. Self-care and pampering is a luxury that every Filipino should enjoy once in a while. Thanks so much Nailaholics for inviting us at the National Pampering Day! I truly enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to it again next year! Congratulations again on hosting such a successful event. Cheers!

For more information on Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa's services and nearest branches, you may visit their website at Want to stay updated on their latest promos? Follow their Facebook Page at Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa, Twitter @_nailaholics and Instagram @_nailaholics.


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