Saturday, September 17, 2016

Chemworld Fragrance Factory Opens Their Largest Branch at SM Megamall

Chemworld Fragrance Factory opens it's 17th and largest branch on the 5th floor of SM Megamall last August 15.

I really wanted to go since my office is just nearby, but can't because it was held during office hours. Fortunately my closest orgmate Francine Lima was available to cover what happened during the Grand Opening, here's her story...

The grand opening started with a store blessing with the priest and all guests were given candles.

After the blessing, the people behind Chemworld, along with some honored guests like the Congressman of Pangasinan, proceeded with the ribbon cutting and invited the crowd to enter the store.

At first glance, that the store divides men’s and women’s fragrances. I roamed inside and found a few interesting things.

Lots of premixed fragrances to choose from

One of the cool things I found were these Porex Colored E-reeds used for diffusers. They have several advantages over rattan diffusers like strong improved scent diffusion and preventing clogging. They also come in 8 different colors!

There are also tons of amazing bottles that come in all shapes and sizes. They’re all very affordable. You can choose between glass and plastic bottles.

My favorite is the Victoria, which costs only P135.

There are all sorts of helpful educational materials, too, like pamphlets that served as a step by step guide to starting your own perfume business.

There is also a price list of essential oils. Notice how much more expensive ylang-ylang is compared to the others. We’ll get to that later.

There’s also a wide selection of essential oils and diffuser oils.

They also sell all the other stuff you need to mix perfume. This includes chemicals like DPG and fixative.

It also includes perfume mixing apparatus, including beakers, flasks, and graduated cylinders.

And yes, there’s even whitening soap available there.

Since Chemworld is dedicated to helping you with your perfume business, it’s involved in every step of that journey. This includes their graphic design section that helps you design the labels of your perfume bottles.

After browsing through the store, it was time for the press conference. We learned all about Chemworld humble beginnings that dates all the way back to the Martial Law era. We also learned about their mission of helping create small enterprise by providing supplies and services, as well as educating people as to how to start a fragrance business.

We also learned about the Ylang-Ylang Project, which Chemworld is involved in. The project aims to make the Philippines a competitive supplier of Ylang-Ylang worldwide. Apparently, we used to be the number one in the world, but over time, we’ve yielded to Madagascar. So the project wants to make a livelihood project by employing people to plant the Ylang-Ylang tree. The project has already started in Pangasinan, which is the home province of Chemworld’s owner, and it has been supported by the congressman of the province. The tree can grow anywhere that is at least 1,000 feet above sea level, although it does take five years to bloom.

The scent of the Ylang-Ylang is prized by perfumers all over the world, even the fanciest ones in France. This is because the unique scent mixes well with other scents and gives the perfume a heightened quality. The plant can also be used for aroma therapy and as an aphrodisiac. This is why it is so in demand and has such high prices.

The end of the press conference marked the start of the perfume making seminar. We were given everything we needed to make our own perfume, including all the apparatus.

We were also given the important ingredients, like DPG, PGA, fixative, distilled water, and the fragrance oil that gives each perfume its unique scent. I learned all sorts of cool things like how perfumes have top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

In the end it was a lot of fun, and I went home, not just with some of my own personal perfumes, but with the knowledge of how to make more perfume.

I’d like to thank Chemworld for having me and for helping Filipino entrepreneurs start small businesses all over the country. As for me, maybe I’ll start a perfume business soon!

To know more about Chemworld Fragrance Factory, learn more about them at


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