Thursday, April 14, 2016

MELCHORA Party List Launch

Up to now, it's undeniable that there are still double standards in society due to gender stereotyping and discrimination. One thing that irks me sometimes is when some people automatically assume that the word "feminist" equates to crazy irrational man-haters, which is not true at all. As I've mentioned in my past blog post about Because I Am A Girl... Feminism is basically about wanting to have the same rights as men. NOT putting them down but wanting to be viewed as their equals.

Personally, I do not like sharing my political views with everyone because I always thought that my unpopular opinions wouldn't please a lot of people. But when I got invited to the MELCHORA party list launch, I had no second thoughts since their platform is basically similar to what I strongly believe on.

MELCHORA is an independent women's party list that stands for Movement of Women For Change and Reform newly founded by Ms. Grace Ibuna to promote women's human rights, equality and non-discrimination. From what I've understood, they advocate a community of women helping women while partnering with men by providing access to work and livelihood opportunities. The party list shall pursue a legislative agenda anchored on the felt needs, experiences and aspirations of marginalized Filipino women and children. MELCHORA shall provide for a helpline composed of trained counsellors, paralegal practitioners for the oppressed, depressed and distraught.

During the first part of the program, I've learned that their mission "AALAGAAN KA" is a pledge that they shall love, care and protect our women and children, rich or poor. They shall promote and defend the girl-child's right to education and provide for a haven for women victims of violence and those living under difficult circumstances. This will concretize with the support of both the government and the business sector. Their mission is very reminiscent to what Tandang Sora (Melchora Aquino) did during the Philippine Revolution which was being a nurturing mother for those in dire need.

One of the goals of MELCHORA is to empower the women's sector to be aware and conscious of their civil, political and human rights acting collectively to support initiatives for personal growth and productivity. In hopes that it will evolve practices to build a culture of self-reliance, collective work models leading to a community of economically empowered women.

Their livelihood opportunities from women is something I look forward to not only because women are paid less in the workplace. But because some women are conditioned to be financially dependent on men and it's an unhealthy mindset. By giving women the financial knowledge and freedom, not only will it help them take care of themselves but their children better (especially for the single moms out there).

To end the post, here's the other photos from the launch:

If you happen to have the same views as them, why not help them win? Vote number #26 on your ballot and support the MELCHORA party list! To know more about the MELCHORA party list, follow them on their Facebook Page at


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