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Product Review: Proactiv Solution Integrated Acne Treatment System (60 Day Kit)

Growing up, I'm guessing that most of us have been through that awkward phase during our puberty that we have to deal with stubborn acne breakouts. I remembered during my elementary days that I had a big zit on the center of my forehead and had to resort having bangs just to cover it up!

Even as a young adult, some of us still have to live with it due to hormonal imbalance, lifestyle change and most definitely stress. A few months ago, I have encountered a product that caused me to have severe acne breakouts to the extent of having 1-2 pimples a day growing out at that rate! What's worse is it was THAT bad I even had some growing on my neck. So gross.

My skin before I was using the Proactiv Solution 60 Day Kit. Will update this soon.

Let's not deny it, when you have acne your confidence to do great things suffer. Concealing the pimples wasn't much of a problem but the scars they left behind difficult to deal with. Lately, I've noticed how much I've neglected my skin so I've thought that an extra TLC would do a much better job than pilling on kilos of makeup.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows Proactiv by now since I've seen a lot of good testimonials about this skin care line from most people... even big-time celebrities! Proactiv Solution is a revolutionary, dermatologist-developed, 3-step acne system that both helps clear existing acne and prevent future breakouts. I've been using this for a few months and here's what I think of it...

Step 1: Cleanse with Renewing Cleanser

The Renewing Cleanser contains prescription-grade benzoyl peroxide which penetrates pores, attacks and heals blemishes fast. All you need to do is to massage a generous amount (preferably more than a dime size) on to your damp skin for 1-2 minutes every morning and night.

It's my first time to use a cleanser that hardly lathers at all! The texture of this cleanser is a bit scrubbier than most cleansers that I've tried. It isn't too harsh on the face and I'm happy that it doesn't dry me out. I just don't rub it on my face too much so that it wouldn't irritate.

Step 2: Tone with Revitalizing Toner

The Revitalizing Toner is a refreshing alcohol-free toner that helps remove excess oil for clear skin while gently balancing your skin tone. The formula contains witch hazel extract and aloe barbadensis lead juice designed to hydrate and soothe the skin. The thing that I love about it being alcohol-free is they won't sting and dry out the skin too much as compared to other astringents. You could use this every day and night by applying a thin layer all over the face using a cotton ball or pad. However, since it has alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), I highly suggest that you should limit your sun exposure. If it couldn't be helped, at least wear a sunscreen while using this product. Just to avoid possible sunburn.

Step 3: Treat with Repairing Treatment

To finish the whole beauty routine, cover the affected area with a thin layer of Repairing Treatment every day and night. The Repairing Treatment heals blemishes and helps prevent new ones. Perfect for spot treatment. However, just like the Renewing Cleanser and Revitalizing Toner, avoid unnecessary sun exposure and use a sunscreen.

What I like most about this product is how easy it is to spread all over the face. A little goes a long way, I believe a pea-size is already enough to cover the face. Another thing that I like about this it causes my skin to micropeel, I find that it is effective in fading away minor scars caused by pimples. Thus, revealing a new layer of skin that looks so fresh.

BONUS: Refining Mask

As a special treat, each Proactiv kit comes with a free Refining Mask. It's a deep cleansing mask formulated with sulfur, a proven acne-fighting ingredient that reaches deep into the pores where blemishes begin.

I use it every 2-3 times a week for at least 10 minutes. I couldn't leave it any longer than that as the rich formula will be harder to remove without warm water. The consistency of this is just as surprisingly scrubby as the Renewing Cleanser but a bit thicker. What I like about this product is it easily lifts and exposes my whiteheads with ease so that they're much easier to remove.

Also included as a freebie is this small book, "The Doctor's Secrets to a Lifetime of Clear Skin" written by the two of the world's most renowned experts Katie Rodan, M.D. and Kathy Fields, M.D. where it clearly delivers --in a fun-to-read, short-and-sweet style--30 vital nuggest of skin-care knowledge that will guide you throughout your life without acne.

To cut it short, the Proactiv Solution is by far one of the best anti-acne sets that I have tried in the market today. It has helped stop my uncontrollable acne breakouts and lessen my pimple scars. I'm satisfied with the results that I've been seeing for the past few months. However, the only downside that I had with the set is I find the micropeeling annoying sometimes and I believe my face got oiler than it was before, which isn't a big sacrifice since my skin got clearer than it was before. A special shoutout to AMPR for sending these out! Thanks so much!

Start the fight against breakouts today so you can always be confident in all you do. Enjoy clear and acne-free skin with Proactiv Solution! To learn more about Proactiv check out


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