Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dermstrata Nutri-Sexy Launch + Giveaway!

There are two times in a year that you'll regret having a few rounds at the buffet table. For me it's summer and the xmas season. I don't think I have to explain how uncomfortable it is to wear a bikini with everything hanging out especially during summer. The xmas season on the other hand is another story. I don't know about you guys but for me, mine consists of school reunions and family reunions. Other than "Kamila, wala ka pa bang boyfriend? Seryoso??", it is also common to hear the dreaded "Tumaba ka ata"

Which is something really hard not to happen when your food looks like this!

Since it is the start of October, I might as well start my "project balik-alindog" a bit earlier. As much as I believe that women of any sizes are and can be beautiful, you do have to admit that too much of a good thing is bad. Being overweight can affect your physical and psychological well being as most studies would suggest. Did you know that the risk of death increases by 20 to 40 percent among overweight people and that being overweight increases your chances of cancer.

Even though I'm a bit underweight, I find it annoying to shop for new clothes since some of my old clothes don't fit me anymore. Must be from binge-eating habit when I get so depressed or stressed-out. So a few weeks ago, I went to Dermstrata's head office to try out their newly launched Nutri-Sexy slimming program. After trying out one session of their Thermacav and Thermasculpt, I AM REALLY CONVINCED THAT IT WORKS. With the results that we saw day.. Alice and I both agreed to go back and finish the whole program! No joke!

Before anything else, what is Nutri-Sexy? Nutri-Sexy is a slimming program that provides holistic approach in fat reduction as it incorporates three components to ensure quality results. The concept utilizes two cutting-edge equipment to scientifically drain down unwanted fats and includes a personalized dietary plan to further optimize the effects of treatments. The framework of Nutri-Sexy is designed to help slim down, monitor progress and guarantee desired results.

How does Nutri-Sexy work? An effective slimming program requires an in-depth knowledge on patient's health information. Our in-house nutritionist will get these information as a pre-requisite to the program and will be used to design a tailored fir program for the patient.

The Three Components:

Ultrasound gel for the Thermacav and Anti-aging Q10 cream for the Thermasculpt


The Thermacav penetrates deep fat cell membrane using low frequency ultrasound waves and efficiently breaks down fat. The funny thing about this is you could actually hear a slightly annoying ringing sound during the treatment but the other people around you won't. 


The Thermasculpt uses a radio frequency technology that has powerful capability to agitate fats thereby tightening the skin for a more contoured shape. The machine used to administer this is a little bit hot but tolerable. Not to worry though because they have an emergency button if you find the heat intolerable.

Personalized Diet Plan

One of the things I learned during a talk from Senior Coach Jose Gemora at a BDJ Rendezvous last 2014 is that weight loss is 30 percent exercise and 70 percent diet. Regardless of how many push ups you did in a day, if you eat like there's not tomorrow.. my guess is you probably wouldn't lose much.

Needs differ from one to the other. Nutri-Sexy creates an optimized diet plan that best suits the patients to ensure reduction of stubborn fats. Needless to say, Nutri-Sexy considers the patient's health and wellness as a top priority. 

What I find surprising is to see results this early since it is said that results become noticeable in a minimum of three sessions. Trying the Thermacav and Thermasculpt alone helped me lose one inch in each thigh. We even had a friend there that lost two inches on her tummy with Thermasculpt alone!

Interested in trying out the Nutri-Sexy Slimming Program? You're just in luck!
I will be giving away a Free 10-Minute Thermasculpt Treatment and a Diamond Peel and Iontophoresis Whitening Treatment to one lucky reader!

Giveaway Reminders: 

1.) This giveaway is open to everyone residing in Metro Manila.
2.) This giveaway would last a duration of 2 weeks.
Starting this October 3 (Saturday) and it ends on October 17 (Saturday)
3.) Announcement of winners will be on October 19 (Monday)
4.) Winners will be chosen at random via Rafflecaptor.
5.) In the event that the chosen winner does not reply within 24 hours.
I will be choosing another winner.

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How about you? What did you do to stay in shape?
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