Sunday, August 17, 2014

Friday Night at the Haunted Mansion

If you knew me long enough you'd know that I have never ever seen ghosts in my entire life. 
Not that I'm really anticipating to see one or anything. 
So you might be wondering what led me into this Haunted Mansion in the first place.

One of the taxidermy best works I've ever seen in a while. PETA might hate me for saying that.

Mainly, I did it for the experience. I figured I had a lot of things I'd like to do before I get busy with my thesis so when my very close friend Alice told us that Sir Ross of Wazzup Pilipinas invited us to check out this Ghost Tour at the Haunted Mansion which was located at the Greenmeadows Subdivision. I wasn't hesitant going in even though I just came out from the office (which was at Laguna) that time. 

Anyway, about the address.. Sorry, I cannot disclose the exact location because the owner wishes to keep the place a secret. However, if you're into these things you may find this place a little familiar because it has been featured a dozen of times at the newspaper and even recently, at the show "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho".

Along to guide us during our stay were well-experienced and skilled paranormal investigators from the Profilers of the Unknown where their tech person demonstrated to us how the EMF reader works. They told us that they check out low frequency electromagnetic activities in different places to tell if there's a presence of ghosts or demons in the area.

Throughout the tour I've learned a lot of interesting words from Ms. Jade Martin here are some that I've remembered:
  • Cold Spots - It is a stage where ghosts are believed to absorb heat on a certain spot. Witching hour was "believed" by many as the hour where spirits are more active.
  • Residual and Intelligent Hauntings - residual hauntings don't interact with people while intelligent hauntings do interact.
  • Witching Hour - the time when spirits are more active, though not yet proven to be true.

Basic night photography on camera phones sucks.. I wish my photos did more justice. This was one of the many beautiful pieces of furniture that you could see there. The entire room looked like as if it was a scene from Game of Thrones. Particularly those of the House Lannister.

Photo from Profilers of the Unknown

Everything was just too regal. The walls were made with granite. They even have 4 huge attics where one is too big enough for a basketball court. You'd never imagine that the interior of the house pretty much looks like an old castle. You'd really appreciate it more in person, trust me.

The owner of the house Sir JR kept telling us how stuff kept rearranging itself in the house to the extent that they don't have maids there that last very long. It is even said that the hauntings are so frequent that it doesn't bother Sir JR anymore. For the past few years, they even have a "spring cleaning" where it was common for their ordained Catholic priest, Fr. Ricky to perform exorcisms every week. So strange.

All in all. As much as it was a new experience for me, I can't recommend this tour to everybody. Alice was truly entertained throughout because she could sense paranormal activities. Seriously, on our way home she can't stop raving on how freaky fun the tour was. Me on the other hand, not so much. I'm not trying to act macho, close minded, KJ or anything... I just can't sense those things. Maybe I just don't have "the gift". Even before when we're at GK Enchanted Farm everyone was freaking out because they were hearing things and I was just happily sleeping. Lol. Plus, not everyone might enjoy the idea of being around with ghosts and other paranormal creatures due to their belief in religion and such.

A ghost tour though is just a visit to a haunted location. It's not really for sensing things or catching ghosts so if you want to give it a shot, give Ms. Jade Martin a call at 09168915529.
To learn more about their other Ghost Tours, you may visit their website at:


  1. Yay I'm really curious to go =)

  2. The mansion isn't being exorcised weekly. The family members welcome priests who can bless the house whenever there is a chance. It was only once that an exorcist priest visited it but it wasn't for exorcism. It's just for the sake of blessing the house again.


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