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Livestock: A Haven For Carnivores!

What happens when you put together two highly skilled CCA chefs under one roof?

The Culinary Couple Kristoffer Uy and Ching Uy are really passionate on their quest to serve cultural comfort food with a twist that the couple quickly managed to turn their dreams into reality last September 2013 and Livestock was born!

According to Mrs. Ching, Livestock is a pork specialty restaurant inspired by the family's hog farm. This restaurant is a testament of the family's love for pork. Emphasizing on snout to tail cooking, serving their collection of their own renditions of the most loved pork dishes pulled from multicultural cuisines.

Luckily, we got to visit their place last week. Going there was not difficult, Livestock is located inside Jardin de Zenaida Compound at 34 Sgt. Esguerra Ave. Barangay. South Triangle QC. If you're quite "navigationally-challenged" like me, you might want to check this out: Bing Maps

Since this is a restaurant at the morning and a bar at night, the ambiance of the place in the morning is very cozy, the contemporary Zen-inspired interior design is quite lovely and the natural light is not too harsh on the eyes. I think this is a perfect place to relax or catch up with your friends.

The place is really huge that this is just the second floor of Livestock. They have a third floor and terrace upstairs. Sadly, we didn't get to visit the terrace due to the bad weather conditions.

I have no idea what this place looks like at night, but Mrs. Ching told us that they like to change it up by adding live band performances to cater people in different age groups. Maybe I should revisit this at night, soon!

If you guys saw the entire shelf and the wine cellar, I think you'll be convinced to do the same thing!

Photo from Dennison Uy

Ever wondered why I described Livestock as a haven for carnivores? Here's why, check this out.. They have EVERYTHING! Not sure if they have ox brain but still, they have everything pretty much covered from pork, beef, chicken and even seafood! Here's another fun fact, they even have a separate menu for vegetarians! So your health conscious friends doesn't have any excuses not to dine here too!

From L-R: Watermelon Shake (P150), Dalandan Juice (P90), Red Grape Shake (P150) and Pineapple Juice (P85). My personal favorite of the four would be the Red Grape Shake but that's just me. Some might find it a little too sweet for their taste. Don't worry, you won't get drunk on that stuff.

Adobo and Kesong Puti Pizza (P395)
This one is a thin crust pizza topped with garden fresh arugula, black olives and cherry tomatoes along with our favorite Pinoy dish, Adobo. Partnered along with Kesong Puti as it's base is just so perfect since the sourness of the creamy mozzarella cheese and bitter roasted garlic puree perfectly compliments the saltyness of the Adobo.

Bacon and Egg Pizza (P420)
This really reminds me of another restaurant's Good Morning Pizza except this one has BACONS which totally wins on my book. Plus points that they have shitake and button mushrooms on these. If you're wondering why the eggs are so tiny, they're not the usual chicken eggs they use. Those are quail eggs. Cool right? Unlike the Adobo and Kesong Puti Pizza, this one uses tomato sauce as it's base and parmesan cheese instead of Kesong Puti.

Seafood Laksa Soup (P290)
This Singaporean inspired dish is a fragrant and spicy broth soup filled with beans sprouts along with my favorite seafood toppings like prawns and mussels. One serving of this is good for sharing as it is already good for 2-3 people.

Kangkong Sambal with Lechon (P260)
Inspired by a Malaysian dish, Kangkong Sambal with Lechon is an interesting mix of Kangkong in a sauce of coconut milk and homemade hot sambal paste topped with Livestock crackling pork belly.

Salted Egg Shrimps (P430)
These are plump shrimps in rich, buttery salted egg sauce. I don't like overcooked shrimps that it would be a little hard for me to sink my teeth on. Then again, I like raw stuff so it's not really a surprise. Don't let the "salted egg sauce" put you off since the sauce is quite delicate and not too salty for my taste.

Livestock Crackling Pork Belly (P490 per 500g)
THIS IS MY FAVORITE DISH OF ALLLLLLLL! I don't think words could ever describe such a perfect piece of meat! Of all the restaurants that I had visited up to this point, this is hands down "The Most Tender Pork Belly" I ever had. Stuffed with fresh herbs and roasted until crispy, this dish will make you seriously reconsider your diet. I even joked on Facebook that I'd walk home just to burn off the calories I had from pigging out from this... which I actually did. Lol. I don't care. It's worth it.

Melts-in-your-mouth Crispy Pata (P890)
Last but not the least, Livestock's specialty dish. I'm not exaggerating but the name really speaks for itself. I don't know how they managed to make something so tender, be as crispy at the same time. Think I'm kidding with the name? Check out my video below...

It's THAT tender! Take note that they just used a regular popsicle stick to chop it up. It's insane!

I'm just paranoid with the whole cholesterol situation going on so it couldn't be helped that I had a hot cup of coffee on my way home. I've read somewhere that hot beverages during and immediately after a meal could improve your digestion. Yes, the Livestock Crackling Pork Belly is THAT sinfully good!

Apologies for the haggard look. That's the Salted Egg Shrimp on my spoon over there. It's really a mouthful that the spoon could barely even support it. Lol

Photo from Astig.PH

If you're planning to make the most out of your cheat day or just want to treat yourself after a long stressful weekend, I suggest going to Livestock. I also suggest you'd drop by around the month of September since it's their anniversary and they're planning to spice up things by adding new dishes to their menu.
Better watch out for that!

To know more about Livestock, check out their social media accounts
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/LivestockMics

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