Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sophie Magic Pink Cream Review

I'm anemic. Those two words alone already justifies why I need to put on blush. A lot of people find I'm "maputla" even though I don't even have a pale complexion. It's really odd.

 As much as I love blushes, not all could withstand long wear. Powder blushes tend to get rubbed off while cream blushes seem to slide off my oily skin. 

Sophie Magic Pink Cream has never ever failed me since I've been using this since 2011. I've always seen this item being sold at Multiply from way way back so it really made me curious about it. 
Plus, for a price of P85, it wasn't something too expensive to risk buying anyway.

Prior to applying, this product when dispensed looks like a creamy white lotion or moisturizer. Now here's where the "magic" begins.. It transforms into a flattering pink shade after a few seconds!

The better part, it's long wear. One time I accidentally squeezed out too much product and smeared some on my younger sister's cheek just to annoy her. After she washed her face with water, we've noticed that the product wasn't even removed to begin with. Hahahaha

FOTD with the blush on. Check it out! No filters! :3


  • Inexpensive.
  • No breakouts.
  • Long wear and waterproof.
  • Easy to dispense.
  • Hygienic to use.
  • Color suits all skin tones.


  • Long wear and waterproof.
  • Sometimes you'll tend to overdo putting it on because it takes a while for the color to change.
  • Not readily available at department stores, you have to buy through Sophie stores or members.

All in all, it's my HG blush that I'd always repurchase in a heartbeat. I think I'm on my 4th or 5th tube already but who's counting anyway? Hahaha. I'm still looking for potential HG blushes (preferably orange or red) that would dethrone this baby! Someday... Someday...

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