Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CNA Grand Opening at Fairview Terraces!

CNA, Korea’s No. 1 accessory shop has opened its 6th branch in Metro Manila, 
this time at Fairview Terraces, the latest shopping mall by the Ayala Malls group.

CNA, which stands for “Culture, Nature, Art” is a concept store that has been in the Philippines since 2012.

The opening of the branch in Fairview Terraces had been much anticipated by the loyal supporters of the brand. I'm not kidding, there's a really huge crowd of people that I feel like I'm in a middle of a mosh pit! The ribbon-cutting was graced by the owners of CNA Philippines and Korea, as well as the administration executives and officers of Ayala Terraces. 

GMA7 talent and CNA’s newest brand ambassador, Dasuri Choi, along with her dance group, 
Sapphire, entertained the patrons with a special K-pop performance. 

 Furthermore, CNA has since gained a major following among the local K-pop fans for being one of the few stores in the country to carry the latest Korean pop album releases and merchandise. Some lucky people in the crowd even got to score CNA merchandises and EXO albums and a lot more during the program.

If you want to check out their stylish and inexpensive items that are perfect for gifts (since my birthday is coming soon, joke!) or for everyday use, you may visit the latest CNA branch at the 2ndlevel of Fairview Terraces. Three more CNA shops will be opened in the metro on the third quarter of this year. So you guys better watch out!

The store offers high-quality and affordable fancy jewelries such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets, hair ornaments, trinkets and other accessories, which possess that distinct Korean style.  

 Everyone knows how much I'm obsessed with my hair. My favorite accessory for my curls are ribbons. 
I love how they give me that distinct dainty look. Hihi

Some of these are necklaces that could be also used as a bracelet. I'm planning to get the 3rd one in the picture when I happen to drop by Cubao Farmers since it's the nearest branch for me.

It's also awesome that they have the cheapest hair tools such as the donut bun that retails for only P50. 
What a steal! In most stores they are selling these for P80 to P150. It's a heaven for accessories lovers like me! The store is complete with even clip on bangs and wigs there too!

The earrings there are quite unique too. I'd totally buy the tetris earrings when I happen to drop by soon!

And if you're into that loom band craze, they also have cheaper ones there for P100 per set.

These socks are too cute that I won't use them as such. I can't imagine these cats touching the floor. :(
I'd like them to be my cellphone pouch or something.

If you're not sure on which accessories you should go for..
Here are four creative style inspirations that you could try out with their accessories:

They have everything that suits your style. Whether you're preppy or spunky, you can always find it there! I'm totally digging the spiky headband now. It looks really cool!

Here are some of the the CNA accessories that I got my hands on. Can't wait to make a FOTD with these!

For more info and promos, like their Facebook page: facebook.com/CNAphils, follow them on twitter: twitter.com/CNAphils  and if that doesn't work.. you could or email them at CNAphils@gmail.com.

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