Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why Should We Bother with Science?

 photo 974543_10151531736778039_1537092554_n_zpsde2f873e.jpg
Wanna know how I got to "magically" levitate this can for breakfast?

Last November 30, I got invited to attend this month's The Mind Museum's Cafe Scientifique at the Canopy Plaza. The topic was "Why Should Pinoys Bother with Science?". I personally love this topic because I used to join and win science quiz bees back in high school. Anyway, for those who don't know what Cafe Scientifique is, it's a world-wide movement to bring science closer to the public through conversations.

 photo cafescientifique_zpsb1d720ae.jpg
This topic was very timely especially given the recent natural events that affected us.We got to take part in an open discussion with guest scientists, including those from Philvolcs, Pagasa and The Manila Observatory.

Basically, the main idea was we should rely more on the science of probability and not religion alone for disaster preparedness. Especially here in the Philippines, the are those kind of people who think like "This is just God's way of punishing us" or "We don't have to evacuate the place because I trust in Him".
Ofcourse, I'm not saying being religious is a bad thing. It's just that we lack "Disaster Imagination" and not a lot of people had the opportunity to use DOST's Project Noah, which is really cool btw.

After the talk, we were lucky we got to visit Da Vinci - The Genius Exhibition on its last day. Mizi was also there but had to leave earlier because her boyfriend had a fever during the event.

The exhibit featured Da Vinci's inventions that were really ahead of time! He is really the genius Renaissance man that he is! Picture this, he excels at the Arts, Science, Music, Math and Architecture. Everything.
Name it, he could do it. He even has these weird weapons of destruction that not a lot knows about.
Very interesting.

 photo art_zpsfca96869.jpg
Some of his known paintings and sketches

 photo bleh_zpsb28dc5e9.jpg
Some of his many inventions

 photo prototypeinventions_zpsc780feda.jpg

 photo others_zps85424811.jpg
An early form of a scuba suit, an aerial transpo and one of his architectural designs

And finally, Mind Museum itself!

 photo inside_zps0fe64a08.jpg
The first floor was focused on the natural sciences while the second floor was more on technology

 photo inside1_zps75245f20.jpg
A kaleidoscope, zoetrope and a little demonstration on lasers and mirrors

 photo outside_zps43eb2e21.jpg
It was really really huge that they even have a spacious lobby, a coffee shop and a store outside!
If you're a fan of Science Centrum you'll find this place quite bigger!

 photo inside2_zps3be50a2d.jpg

One of my favorites inside was the Space Shell where you'll get to know constellations and the like.
If I told you guys everything inside the museum, I might not be able to fit everything in here.
So you guys have to figure out how I got that can to levitate. Bwahahaha!!

All in all, the event was truly memorable. I sincerely hope everyone gets to check this out, particularly students for their field trips. Thank you The Mind Museum for inviting us to this very informative event! I got to learn a lot of new things not just about myself, but also about my surroundings as well.

Visit these links to know more about The Mind Museum:!/themindmuseum


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